Information Security Engineer - suggestion+referral

Jul 26, 2018 3 Comments

Google Uber Facebook Netflix Apple

Will be glad to know why being at one place could be better than another.

Learning opportunity matters a lot. So is the manager.

IPO sounds interesting too. I'm not too much for the fad unless it is suspected to stay (haven't looked into it much). Seems a legit IPO, fwiw. Timing wise, not sure.

Hoping to be part of a team where security engineers are treated as equivalent to developers, expectation and respect wise.

My current experience is great (smart af manager, so, wish to have him along with me but that's another story, he's too senior anyway so it can't go wrong).

I have done a lot of really interesting things when it comes to maturing an organization from an information security perspective. That's something a lot of engineers don't get to do.

I am sure there's a plethora still unexplored. I feel confident I'll be dealing with them as the time comes (and hopefully if I stay interested in working for some company).

Nearby 1.5 years of working experience.

Myself: basically, like an aio package (give or take), ask and relax.

Yes, coding and stuff is not an issue (I don't practice leetcode but I guess it'll be ok, I believe I can say it isn't the best solution when I don't know the best answer; I'll eventually solve it. I don't remember leaving a problem unsolved once I'm intrigued).

Hoped to work with Alex Stamos. I guess not happening for now.

Hoped to work for Google because of their contributions to the society. No Googler was not cool ever, so, matches my style (sounds like a culture thing). Let's see.

Uber is a great place to contribute as they're innovative and need security evolution. I've heard good things about their teams as well.

Apple is so-so on my list for now. I'm not interested in becoming anybody's minion, so, there's that. I might be wrong (love to be).

Netflix is a neutral place. I'm unsure how good they're from my standards.


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  • Citrix Systems ujrott
    Stamos is a talking head which may explain why he did not last at Yahoo! or FB for any length of time. All of Stamos' photos are of him on a stage somewhere talking.

    What did he actually accomplish or deliver at either Yahoo! or FB?

    The info sec industry is littered with people who do nothing but talk and make themselves look like experts. Then, they talk themselves into senior level roles and they fail to accomplish anything of substance.

    Now he's going on as faculty at a college where he can continue "talking" and his students will have to listen.
    Aug 2, 2018 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • TrueCar / Eng expbackoff
      Works for Accenture?.I guess that'll be an over qualification.

      Btw that's a different thread for a reason, I guess?.

      But I understand where you're coming from.
      Jul 26, 2018
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