Interview Tips for Google SRE position

Jan 20 4 Comments

I have an upcoming interview with Google for an SRE position. I do not have a computer science background. I am a self-taught programmer. My biggest struggle is understanding time complexities with certain data structures and algorithms.

I will be honest, my math is not the greatest. I am good all the way up to algebra and a little trig. What tips do you have for me to prep for this interview?


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  • IPsoft /bin/env
    Hey don't worry about math! what's your role at amazon? you should definitely expect some data structure & algo easy to medium..leetcode is a good ref. Also system design might be in your interview loop and Linux and Networking. I heard that SRE at google have the same interview loop as swe. Good luck
    Jan 20 3
    • Amazon theboomer
      I will check out leer code again. Thanks.
      Jan 21
    • IPsoft /bin/env
      Ok cool..if you have dev(coding) experience you should be good. But I'll recommend leetcode. Do a "sre google" search on blind you should be able to find a bit more info
      Jan 21


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