Is it just me or is Google's recruiting process a huge mess nowadays?

Jan 2 13 Comments

3 months ago:
- a L6 engineering manager and professional acquaintance contacted me on LinkedIn for a SWE position at Google that fits my profile. I applied using the referral link and an active channel specialist reached back on the same day to set up an onsite. Then nothing. No news.

2 months ago:
- referrer tried to figure out why it was so slow. Another recruiter contacts me to set up an onsite. I give my preferences, in 2 weeks time. Then no news again.

Before the holidays:
- Same recruiter contacted me again. Trying to set a time for the onsite, in February this time. Wtf???

Note that I passed HC 2/2 times already. Once for a internship and the second time for new grad 4 years ago.

TC: 260k, 3yoe. Leetcode problems solved: 600+, because I've been waiting for godamn 4 months to do this interview.

Your first contact to onsite time:



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  • Google derpidoo
    It's not just you. Google's recruitment organization is the DMV of Google.
    Jan 2 1
    • Google / Mgmt

      Google Mgmt

      It's always been like this
      Jan 4
  • New fvkjSk
    It is a mess but they can afford to be messy. They are not short of people who are applying
    Jan 2 1
    • Microsoft qoA
      I don't get the point of a referral then, if it takes more time with a referral than without.
      Jan 2
  • Google coolguy007
    It has always been a mess, for me, it took them 6 months from initial phone to offer letter and that was many years ago.
    Jan 2 1
    • Microsoft qoA
      Jesus, I guess I got lucky last time. It only took them 2 months from start to finish to give me a L3 offer a few years ago!
      Jan 2
  • Broadcom Ltd. hbyh36
    Over hyped
    Jan 2 0
  • Panasonic USA hsegckd🎅
    Agree. 4 months for me. From first contact to offer - 6 months. Now almost 1+ month for visa processing (mainly internal process).
    Jan 3 0
  • IBM PennSt
    How long did you take to solve 600 LC ?
    Jan 2 2
    • Microsoft qoA
      4 months. I already solved 200 a few years ago
      Jan 2
    • Microsoft xIdC37
      So a few years
      Jan 3
  • Amazon AHnX66
    Tell them you have an offer with another large tech company. They'll bump you up
    Jan 13 0
  • Salesforce oxo.dsjann
    Referrers dont drive the process
    Jan 2 0


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