Is not asking for permit a norm?

Jan 14 5 Comments

In Seattle area. Houses are flipped without permit then sold with multiple offers. Why is nobody concerned about this?


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  • New / Other whataworld
    Why should anyone ask permission and pay the city to remodel their own home, flipping or not? Permits are a governmental overreach scam.
    Jan 14 3
    • Amazon Cxej58
      Really? Like i paid 500 dollars for the permit to pave my driveway...
      Jan 14
    • Google Geist
      Seriously? Why? Why do you need to pay the city $500 to pave your own driveway??? What is the negative externality that affects everyone else?
      Jan 14
  • New / Mgmt whataworld
    Would like to understand the downside of what? Maybe I misunderstood your question.
    Jan 14 0


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