Is this a good Uber offer?

Oct 18, 2019 53 Comments

just got an offer from Uber for L5a
With 20k sign on bonus. Have 6 yoe
I am still waiting on Airbnb and stripe. Should I just take this or wait on others?

Edit: I will wait after people are suggesting me to but I just wanted to know if this was good for a L5a. :-)

Edit 2: thank you for all the responses and suggestions. If my Uber recruiter were to read this post her eyes would bleed.
I got an offer from Airbnb and reject from stripe.
205/800 with 35k sign on.

I am going to take up Airbnb.


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  • Roku cruella

    Are u not aware of all that's going on with uber over past month??
    Oct 18, 2019 3
    • Google sp55
      From whom did u hear?
      Any company while laying off people will say we r done. If not, other employees would leave too.

      In my opinion, uber is going to layoff more people in next 6 months
      Oct 18, 2019
    • AT&T
      random25 ⚽️


      Nomad life
      random25 ⚽️more
      Stay away from Uber
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Square anaris
    My spouse had exactly the same offer for 5a at Uber 6 month ago.
    Unfortunately, he got laid off.
    Even is you think that Uber won't do any more layoffs, think about attitude of your teammates. I doubt it's a fun place to work now.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
  • Uber wow5569
    Yeah dude, listen to these fellas
    Oct 18, 2019 0
  • Akamai Technologies / Eng __init__()
    Are you seriously considering Uber,?
    Oct 18, 2019 0
  • Apple Marijuana
    Wait on airbnb and stripe. Airbnb in particular.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
    • Airbnb not🌭
      Yea do that
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
    It's not worth it! The leadership and culture are both toxic. Attrition rate is very high. They hand out high offers because avg tenure is like 2yrs or less.
    Oct 18, 2019 0
  • WeWork uTheXop
    800 over 4 years? That’s amazing. Can you talk more about what it takes to ace such a good offer? How was the interview?
    Oct 18, 2019 10
    • Apple bogle
      how many hours a day did it take you to do those 270 LC + system design over those 3 months approx?

      Also how many LC hards did you get in all your interviews
      Oct 19, 2019
    • Yelp lc_hard
      I used to do 3 hours on weekdays and approximately 10 on weekends. I honestly felt all the coding questions were easy but the system design was hard. Yes I solved 270 in 3 months. As I said I didn't do a lot of hard.
      Oct 20, 2019
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Reduce your RSU and ask for more signing bonus so if you get laid off you don’t have to pay it back
    Oct 18, 2019 0
  • Microsoft Ovenmitts
    Everyone here is afraid of taking risks. I'd say still wait for the other two so that you can negotiate. I'm actually joining uber freight and I'm more excited about the problem space than the potential risk
    Oct 18, 2019 6
    • Microsoft Ovenmitts
      I talked with several friends working at Uber, it just seems everything on blind is exaggerated. People at freight at least think the leaders are great. And team morals still seems decent at least with the friends i talked to. Anyways i could be wrong, ill find out in a couple months.
      Oct 18, 2019
    • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
      You should totally join! They are always looking for new meat.
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Oracle larryyes
    Those numbers don't make sense if you get laid off within a year..
    Oct 18, 2019 0


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