Is this a valid path to becoming a Tech PM?

M&T Bank tdev
Jan 9 5 Comments

I work for a bank as an entry level software engineer and ultimately I want to apply to tech companies as a Product Manager. I know that one of the ways is to apply to Associate PM roles, but since those are time sensitive, I need to come up with a backup plan in case it doesn’t work out. My bank doesn’t have a PM role, however there is the role of a Product Owner. This role is non-technical but it covers alot of the same aspects of a traditional PM role, just less technical.

Does it make sense for me to work towards the Product Owner role, gain some experience and then apply to Tech Companies?


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  • New HXwF46
    Yea migrate to the product owner role. That's just another name. It may have more marketing focus. Let me ask you this, why? PM roles are going to take the brunt of blame from nearly all sides for most issues on any product issues. Think more stress. Lots more. I mean, if I was better coding, I'd rather write for a living.
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    • Netflix productmba
      More impact and growth if you are good in the pm roles
      Jan 9
  • Facebook DJdY05
    Yes. Or try to move directly to a small startup as a PM or a product adjacent role.
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  • Netflix productmba
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  • DocuSign PuPf32
    From my perspective it makes a lot of sense. You have the technical background as a SE, with a PO role you get the business side of the experience needed and can ‘prove’ you have all the required skills for a tech PM
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