Jumbo Mortgage eligibility

Jan 17 4 Comments

Has anybody gotten declined for a Jumbo mortgage loan because you have a short credit history?

I moved to the US 18 months ago through Amazon relocation. When I try to get a pre-approval for a mortgage, I hear that they would be able to give loan only till 741K conventional loan limit. Higher loans would be treated as jumbo loans and they say I’m not eligible on the grounds of credit length although my income and assets are good enough for it.

Has anybody managed to work this through? Are there other lenders who can provide such mortgages ? Is it a matter of better negotiation ?


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  • Facebook public2
    You need 2 years history for most lenders. You are close, wait 6 more months.
    Jan 17 0
  • Facebook TioBravo
    Use a loan broker instead, they will do the legwork for you. You're looking for a portfolio lender that sets their own criteria with your very specific scenario. They exist, but do you have the time to find them?
    Jan 19 1
    • Microsoft EjSq85
      Any recommendation?
      Jan 30
  • Oath 39M
    Go to credit unions
    Jan 17 0


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