Just had Doordash onsite yesterday

Jan 15 23 Comments

Hi guys, I had Doordash lined up yesterday. Here's how it went

Round 1: Weird round. There was some game written out and I had to refactor the code. I asked for Javascript because I'm familiar with NodeJS, but looks like they only had Java and Python. I use Python for algo/DS, but never in like a production setting. So I chose Python. I feel like I did average here because of unfamiliarity.

Round 2: Lunch. Met with hiring director. Solid guy. Solid convos

Round 3 + 4: This was a combined round of Systems design + explain your project. I came out swinging in this round to make up for Round 1. Study up on Grokking. I think I did pretty well.

Round 5: Interviewer asked me a graph package dependency question...but it's actually topological sort. If you know Alien dictionary in and out, this should be a piece of cake. Finished everything from design/running code with 15 min to spare. Guy tried to add more complexities, but I handled all of them.

Round 6: Behavioral...Humility is key here. I feel like I crushed this too.

Let's see what happens. By the way, I was definitely operating in suboptimal form. No excuses, but damn. I had an onsite yesterday and I don't think I recovered too well for another onsite with Doordash. I managed somehow, but I would reconsider having back to back onsites like that. Very bad idea -- Protip for newbies.

I would focus on these problems as they are kinda similar to what I got on the onsite:




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  • Microsoft BugShoes
    I like how you brag about being Amazonian and behavioral round, don't be so sure... If there is one thing that they need to learn, it is that
    Jan 15 3
    • Apple bogle
      What was your yesterday on-site with? Also please make a final post with all the results once you are done interviewing, would be great to see
      Jan 15
    • OP
      Yea will do after everything settles.
      Jan 15
  • How do you feel about the trajectory of the company?
    Jan 15 3
    • Apple pcWg70
      Uhh dude you are bragging everywhere. Learn to be humble.
      Jan 15
    • OP
      ^Hey, I'm sorry you feel that way. My intent with this post is to offer as much value back to the blind community as I can. I've even attached LC links to give you guys like a "practice" on what to expect. I removed the behavioral round brag if it makes you feel comfortable. Let me know how else I can improve this post.
      Jan 15
  • Marqeta jzhwbai
    > “Humility is key”
    > “I crushed this”
    Jan 15 1
  • Zulily 1iPfZ08
    Did you end up getting it?
    Jan 30 0
  • Uber uurzhrh
    Best of luck! But problem it’s very competitive and many of them will have similar performance as you since the questions are easy. Hope ur amazon pedigree helps out here!
    Jan 15 1
  • Microsoft BugShoes
    All the best for the results
    Jan 15 1
  • DoorDash gcjw32
    wish you good results!
    Jan 19 0
  • Beyond Limits GTzb16
    Lol I had same questions 6 months ago. Did everything perfectly from what I thought but got rejected
    Jan 15 3
    • Beyond Limits GTzb16
      I think A on your resume might help. Good luck. But TC at amazon must be more than doordash what’s the reason for switch ?
      Jan 15
    • OP
      I just wanted to see what this unicorn had to offer.
      Jan 15
  • Principal Financial coffee_beans
    Which position did you interview for?
    Feb 7 0
  • Microsoft ToTheMars
    We all should take pride in what we work for, don't count your eggs before it... Perhaps, Amazonians are really good at it, yet they do move around
    Jan 15 0


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