L1 Facebook Internal Transfer from London to US

New elone
Jan 11 19 Comments

Hey! I started working at FB london a couple of months ago. It’s amazing here, but the pay isn’t great. I’m a new grad and want to maximize my savings.

I’m on E3 level. 3 months at FB.

That’s why I want to move to the US. I have a non-European passport.

I heard people talking on Blind that after a year Facebook can transfer their employees to US on L1 visas.

1) Is thing sort of thing common?
2) How likely is that I get selected, given my non-EU passport?
3) How would I go about telling my manager or anyone else this decision? Whom to tell first?
4) In case I get promoted to E4, will my salary be the same as regular E4 employees in the US?

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  • Zynga DORw15
    1.) Try to move as soon you hit the one year mark
    2.) Passport has nothing to do with L1
    3.) Apply for green card as soon as you land in the US-if you weren’t born in India you will get it in a year or 1.5 years
    Jan 11 8
    • New elone
      1 sentence that sums up what s386 is all about?
      Jan 11
    • New WGus28
      Changes eb system gc allocation. Removes country cap. You will wait 10-15 years for gc
      Jan 11
  • New moEt34
    I still haven't understood how this works in Europe. I'm also interested. As far as I know, some companies (life Microsoft and Google) can send you to the US pretty easily. Others might have you work in Europe a bit before letting you transfer. No idea about FB in particular and regarding the fact that you're not European.
    3) I would tell HR
    4) no, the ratio stays the same (you'll earn less than in us no matter the role)
    Jan 11 1
    • New elone
      Earning less sucks 🙃 especially bcs its almost the sole Reason I want to move
      Jan 11
  • Amazon / Eng Mmmmh
    Try get the uk citizenship if you can firdt
    Jan 11 3
    • Amazon / Eng Mmmmh
      If your other passport is shitty at least you get good travel privileges.

      Once in the US, you might not like it, and even if you do, us citizenship comes with worldwide taxation.

      Think twice
      Jan 11
    • New elone
      That’s very true, but Uk citizenship will take me approx 5 years to get. Not sure I wanna spend almost all my 20s in London. It’s an amazing city, but not sure. Still thinking
      Jan 11
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laborator greenlawn
    If your born in India, don't at least marry an Indian. Should be fine for GC.
    Jan 11 2
    • New elone

      FYI: I’m European. Just non-EU
      Jan 11
    • New elone
      Ah ok you edited
      Jan 11
  • Bloomberg randomAm
    I'm a bit curious to know how stock refresher will work if OP moves to US cause the stock grant for first 4 years was based on London salary levels and I'm not sure if they're given again as soon as he lands in US ?
    Jan 30 0


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