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Going to be applying for Google L6. Doing a primarily leetcode medium & hard. Experience wise I’ve done a lot of designing out web services and architecting etc.

What content are the google interview questions? I can’t imagine it’s just leetcode hard questions on the whiteboard. I’m assuming it’s leadership questions, and design related questions that you can’t really ‘prepare’ for and instead relies heavily on the real world experience.

Anyone have any insight? Also curious about L7 if anyone has insight into that too. And no I’m not going for L7, I know my target and capabilities and will stick with L6. Just curious.


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  • New nNyY84
    For L6: Two coding sessions, two system design sessions, and one session for your domain expertise. The questions for the last session is highly dependent on the interviewer’s personal style. For example, I was asked to describe technical details of a couple of my past projects.

    For L7: All the above, plus two more sessions. One focuses on leadership and the other problem solving. Leadership can be typical behavioral questions. The second session can be more system design questions.

    All sessions are 45 mins long.

    As long as you can cover ~200 medium to hard leetcode questions and had solid experiences with nontrivial backend systems, you will get it. Just take a really large amount of sleeps, be calm and very confident, and use *real* interviews to practice. (Mock ones aren’t too helpful in comparison, and you wouldn’t get free lunches.)
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