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I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, in which I had onsite interviews with two top tech companies, and they informed me we aren’t moving forward. I’ll be doing some soul-searching on what went wrong, but that’s another subject. This in stark contrast to last year when I had a few offers and took my current job.

Now that I have only two companies I’m interviewing with later this month, I really want to get more options. The ones this month all reached out to me on LinkedIn. Other than reaching out to a friend of mine for a referral, are there any other application hacks to get interest from recruiters at good tech companies?

In the past I felt using company career pages to apply for jobs was usually a waste of time. But I am
about to start.

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  • Don’t be discouraged. You might have gotten rusty interviewing, just keep interviewing for practice with low priority companies you don’t care about and prepare yourself for the ones you want to get offers from.

    Also, i admire that you already seem to be at fb and your tc is high! That’s goals for other people (I’m other people). Super impressive. Do you mind sharing why you want to leave?
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    • That is also a case. Find a place that you enjoy working. Keep it up
      Jan 18
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      Thanks, y’all! 😅
      Jan 18
  • Indeed / Eng rainwater
    Could used or vettery. Lots of small to medium companies will actively reach out to you
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