Levels.fyi stock in TC for private companies?

Eaze oYPI20
Jul 29, 2019 5 Comments

Levels.fyi lists stock as part of TC for private companies like Stripe and Doordash. Where are these numbers coming from? Obviously employees get stock options but typically those numbers are given as either number or shares or % of the company. How are they coming up with a number like $185k/year in stock? Is this some kind of best guess at what the equity will be worth post-IPO, factoring in the cost of exercising? Or something else?


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  • Google / Eng fsck
    The form asks them for $ dollar of stock comp and levels fyi just reports what employees enter
    Jul 29, 2019 3
    • Airbnb elenaaa
      Privately held stock is valued in two ways:

      1) Last price of preferred shares
      2) Last 409a valuation

      Employees usually think of the value in terms of the last preferred price.
      Jul 29, 2019
    • Airbnb elenaaa
      Ask your recruiter. Doesn’t change the answer to the question.
      Jul 29, 2019
  • Apple uffvthvc
    For Doordash they offer $ for RSU. 185/year mean roughly 750k at offer letter. I got similar for E6.
    Jul 30, 2019 0


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