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Intralinks TimNadela
Jan 21 8 Comments

Got done with an SRE interview at L.

Got 2/4 on the live troubleshooting module, and got real close to completing the other two (with a decent amount of help from the interviewer.)

And the hiring managers seemed to be slightly unimpressed during the behavioral module (nothing too shabby though.)

Killed the rest of the modules, especially system design and code review.

I'm aware that HC rejects instantly if at least one of the modules went south.

Not too optimistic, but what are my chances?!

TC 111K (pathetic I know)



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TOP 8 Comments
  • Yelp DvFm80
    TBH it’s a rejection. Happened similar with me. You might get yes - really hard to tell.
    Jan 21 4
    • Intralinks TimNadela
      Specifically, what round was it?
      Jan 21
    • Apple esco
      Yeah most probably a reject. I interviewed for SWE with 2 yoe. I did not do well in system design and did okayish in technical communication round. Did well in other rounds. Got rejected.
      Jan 21
  • LinkedIn ntv
    Well, we actually have a 50% “pass” rate for onsite candidates. But by pass, it can also means down leveling. You’ll get an offer, but may not be what you expect.
    Jan 22 0
  • LinkedIn iehtb
    If you got 2 in one of the module, it's not possible to get a hire. That's the norm for swe. Not sure about sre.
    Jan 22 1
    • LinkedIn HereToVest
      2 of 4 solutions; not a 2.0 per our hiring rubric...

      But on that note 2 of 4 on live troubleshooting is on the edge, though I think that module is kind of bullshit. I have never touched ATS in my life at LinkedIn, and debugging without ANY knowledge of the system seems like a bad test.
      Jan 25


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