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Dec 28, 2018 3 Comments

Anyone in pre-sales here? Looking for examples of career paths people have gone down post a pre-sales/technical sales role and how you liked it? I’m struggling to figure out what do to next. I don’t have any interest in people management and my leadership is trying to push me in that direction. I have been exploring product management as a new path but at Salesforce it feels more like project management. I’m curious to hear what have others done. Thanks!


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  • Technical sales people are awesome. They can become great sales people and they can also become decent product managers. You are at a classic cusp. Do you want to augment your tech and org skills or do you want to work on the people skills more? Either ways you will have to manage people unless you become an account manager and go down that path. There is no one answer to your question as it requires a dialogue. I can post more depending on your reply.
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    • Salesforce PzVO12
      Thanks for the response! I’m looking to stay somewhat technical. The aspects of my current job that I really enjoy are all related to architecture, demos, and POCs for example. This is the third time I have been asked to take on a team and it was implied I would not be promoted until I did. The lack of promotion for me is not a big deal to be honest. The bigger challenge is that I have now essentially “peaked” in this role. I have seen colleagues make the move over to management (including my current manager who was my peer 3 years ago) and it’s basically the same. They go from owning the technical direction of the accounts to babysitting a bunch of underlings and putting out fires. That’s not a bad thing, I just don’t have a desire to build an empire. Having direct reports and other strategic or cross functional responsibilities would be fine but just providing account oversight is not what I am interested in. They also tend to travel more than I want to as I have young kids at home. Same reason being an account manager is out of the question — too much travel. I was offered a position in strategy but realigning territories was not that interesting. I have been leaning towards sales enablement or product management but was curious to see where others landed.
      Dec 28, 2018
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