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I have 2 YOE in product design/UX/marketing, academic background in biological science. Got my foot in the door in product in Asia Pacific - worked for a unicorn fintech startup and then an e-commerce agency.

Just moved back to the states (LA) a couple of weeks ago to have more opportunities to grow in my career and also leadership development. I’ve been applying at various tech companies and so far haven’t gotten much feedback. I did get 2 leads but they’ve been taking a while, one company is saying they’re looking for somebody with more years of experience and the other I keep having to check in with the recruiter about getting an interview with the head of design (they haven’t said no and asked if I could share more work samples). I’m wondering if US companies don’t care about international experience or think that it’s not good enough/relevant. I really enjoyed working with people from all over the world and I felt that Americans abroad tend to have a more open mind than most people I knew back home. Could just be my personal experience. Or maybe I’m missing something I don’t know.

Curious to know if anyone has any advice or have been in a similar situation. I heard companies can take typically 5-8 weeks for the hiring process, maybe I’m being impatient but if they’re interested would they really still take that long?

Edit: I do have a portolio with case studies and an intro/summary of my background and experience so recruiters and hiring managers can learn a bit about me as a person.

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  • Personally companies and pedigree doesn’t matter as much. Though it might for recruiter whose screening before reaching me. What matters is your portfolio. Honestly most times I just glance at the resume. Work and how your talk about the work is more important.
    Jan 18 3
    • New / Design joops
      Actually, if it’s not much of a trouble - could I message you to get your feedback on my portfolio to see what I might be missing?
      Jan 22
    • Sure, go ahead.
      Jan 22
  • New / Design Hopper20
    Let me know if you'd like a portfolio review. For me my portfolio has been the biggest asset, and I was able to land jobs in startups off of my case studies with less than 3 years of experience. Now I'm going into more of a mid-senior role and they definitely cared more about my research and lead skills. Larger companies might be looking for more experience or a specific skill set. Startups will probably be the easiest to land, but the hiring process will vary in length. Some places it can be 2 weeks, some it can take 5-8 weeks like you said.
    Jan 21 4
    • Wells Fargo / Design

      Wells Fargo Design

      Wells Fargo
      Let it be anonymous!?
      Hey if you can review my portfolio?
      Jan 24
    • New / Design

      New Design

      Can someone review my portfolio too?
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Startup background, some bigco. Product & engineering consultant. Consumer and fintech. Bay Area, but travel from remote location. 7 YOE, TC all cash 400
    Bigger companies will rely more on pedigree, go for startups to accelerate your path. Scan Crunchbase for new seed rounds and have a portfolio ready to show startups that you pick. Startups have lots of cash and little sense, it’s a great way to get moving.
    Jan 18 2
    • Klaviyo / Other nobodywhat
      ^ literally this :) . Plenty of high growth startups which are willing to take a bet on you and your work.
      Jan 18
    • New / Design joops
      Thanks guys, that’s interesting I haven’t thought about Crunchbase as a source to look for opportunities before.
      Jan 20
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    As an engineer often on the design hiring committees, it seems to come down to portfolio and approach.
    Jan 19 2
    • New / Design joops
      That’s awesome that your organization includes engineer in the design hiring process. What is your approach generally when you interview designers if I may ask?
      Jan 20
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      I mainly ask about their relevant platform experience, how they work with engineers, and handle when engineers fail to implement to spec.
      Jan 20
  • Klaviyo / Other nobodywhat
    AngelList is also a good resource apart from crunchbase
    Jan 18 1
    • New / Design joops
      So far I haven’t had much luck on Angel List unfortunately, most job listings are in SF while I’m looking to be based in LA. But I’ll keep using it to see. Thanks!
      Jan 20


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