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Aug 11, 2018 10 Comments

Hi all,
I am new to US and looking for an apartment to stay in the Bay area. I have been around 10+ apartments already, however, I still haven't decided.
My status is married but no kids yet. I am working at the Google Mountain View office and 1 hr commuting would be fine because I can take a shuttle.
I think Riverview apartment is great so far (in 10+ apts) but the rent fee is over the budget. 1 bd is almost 3100.
So, for now, I almost concluded that nothing is cheap and good, and maybe will choose anything in my budget. (3k per month)

However, before making a decision, I would like to hear from you since I believe most of you may have experienced the same thing before if you work in the Bay area.
Would you share your experience please?
Thank you so much!


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