Low balled my self in panic OCI

Jan 13 18 Comments

Recruiter called me before setting an interview about my salary expectations and said they are going to decide if they would interview me or not based on that. I panicked and said 160 to 200k.

I am on the East coast currently with the cheap cost of living city, 2 bedroom apartment rent is 1200 here. Making the base of 105k + 10k on hire stock + bonus and have offer from IBM for 120k base + bonus. I would prefer to go with OCI as I really liked the project and as I have many friends in Seattle.

I am getting considered for IC2 as I didn't do so well in system design.

How would I negotiate from here. I would really prefer a base of 140k + 40k stock per year (160k stocks) or higher. Supposed to receive call on Wednesday for initial offer.

Current TC: 125k
YOE: 3

Edit 1:
Update: Got offer for IC3 150k base + 80k stock per year (320k stock over 4 years)


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  • I got 230k from oci
    Jan 13 6
    • Microsoft GdXH25
      That's pretty good for IC2. I got offer for IC3 instead.
      Jan 15
    • AT&T zYcX25
      Nice when did you interview
      Jan 15
  • IBM KgLd81
    Keep in mind that at IBM you will get no pay rise and no bonus. So it is a temporary move at best.
    Jan 13 2
    • Salesforce / Eng

      Salesforce Eng

      BAE Systems
      Jan 13
    • Microsoft GdXH25
      Yep, that was the plan.
      Jan 13
  • Hubspot icedout
    $1200 for the entire 2 br apartment?? Seems like really low COL. I think you'll need at least 200k in Seattle to justify moving judging by the fact that an average 2 br in Seattle is around 3k.
    Jan 13 5
    • Hubspot icedout
      230k is a great offer! Congrats!
      Jan 15
    • Microsoft GdXH25
      Thank you. It's for IC3, which I wasn't expecting.
      Jan 15
  • Google yobloop
    What’s the problem? Your first offer will be 150k and then they will up it to 170k. That would be a nice raise on your current and within the range you want.
    Jan 13 1
    • Microsoft GdXH25
      Not that big of a bump since living cost would be a lot higher there. My rent is 1200 here for 2 bedroom apartment, there it will be 2600-2800 for similarly sized apartment, everything else would be expensive as well.
      Jan 13


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