Low salaries in the bay area

New IoQI33
Nov 30, 2019 17 Comments

Who here has a low salary in the bay area? How low? Are you living comfortably enough? How do you do it? Just transitioned to a non profit I'm excited about but took a huge pay cut.

TC: 62500 9YOE live in SF


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  • Docker / R&D

    Docker R&D

    😮 that’s literally poverty level TC in SF
    Nov 30, 2019 0
  • Google GfTq22
    160k combined is fine if you are young and unmarried. Not enough to put down roots and start having kids, but that might not be on the radar yet or at all
    Nov 30, 2019 0
  • New RJfu57
    Yeah, literally I know Uber driver’s who make more 👀
    Nov 30, 2019 0
  • Zymergen / Other aGVa04
    Really hope you're not coding at that salary
    Nov 30, 2019 0
  • Guidewire jlingling
    No way I’d live here on that salary. What’s your rent? Maybe if you’re in a dual income household it’s ok.
    Nov 30, 2019 4
    • New IoQI33
      Rent is $3k wife is barely 6 figures
      Nov 30, 2019
    • Guidewire jlingling
      Cool 😎
      Nov 30, 2019
  • Uber WeEa86
    why SF? Or even Bay Area if not to work for high paying job?
    Nov 30, 2019 2
    • New IoQI33
      Been living here, had a high paying job. Switched to a non profit recently
      Nov 30, 2019
    • Adobe ObrT21
      I'd tell the nonprofit I'm full remote or going to work for Google
      Dec 12, 2019
  • Shipt uarocks25
    80k at Shipt
    Nov 30, 2019 1
    • New IoQI33
      How limited do you feel by your salary?
      Dec 1, 2019
  • Me. 103K 1YOE
    Nov 30, 2019 1
  • Apple blackfrid
    I was gonna say I know a guy who gets 65k before I saw ur TC, but now never mind
    Nov 30, 2019 0


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