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Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. I've been doing research for a few months and trying to talk to alum but having a tough time finding concrete information and deciding where to focus my efforts during the recruiting process; I will be attending one of Columbia/Booth/Kellogg to complete my MBA.

I have worked at minimally successful tech startups the last 7 years and decided recently to return to school for my MBA. I currently work in sales and was a Business Analyst on the product team of a startup before my current role. I am also a self-taught web developer; my dev experiences are however limited to small personal projects. As someone who has not made a lot of money during my career and who will be 30 when he completes his MBA, I am hoping to go into a role that will set me up to maximize my earnings over time. Given my background and the strengths of the school I will be going to, I am seriously considering Investment Banking and Product Management post MBA. My concerns with product management is that I am not a highly skilled developer so I worry my upwards mobility might be limited. My concern with banking is that I find it difficult to imagine myself working 80+ hours per week every single week.I would very happily work 60 hours per week every week but 80+ is difficult.

I am wondering if anyone has insight into what people who go into product management roles at large companies tend to earn say 5 years into their time with these companies? What about people with little technical background - are they still able to make a good income and move upwards? What does total yearly compensation look like and how often do employees get raises? I have a clear picture of what compensation would look like in investment banking 1-5 years after joining as an Associate. The picture is less clear in tech however. Any insight you can offer would be fantastic. Thanks a lot.


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    Experience as an analyst and having web development skills, they should give you an edge as a PM as anything you will wanna do, you will have to back it up with data, and having a solid sql and analytics skill lets yourself to be much quicker than other PMs. And most of the successful PMs I’ve encountered at major tech companies do not actually have either no dev backgrounds or very limited (i.e. first few years out of CS schools). It’s mostly about understanding how each team cross functional team work in different project settings, and knowing how to manage them without actually managing them. Also another big piece is knowing your customers and how to effectively listen to them and update your product accordingly and provide measurable data points to back them up.

    You should network hard to get into a PM internships, if you can get into FANG, then great, but even if for smaller companies and moving up after a short period. PM, if you are good at it, and know how to play politics, can be one of the easiest job family that pay shit load and you get to work 30 hrs a week, take 6 weeks of vacations, and don’t need to really keep brushing up yourself with the latest tech, so I think it’s worth a shot.
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