Machine Learning at Micro$oft

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What's it like? Do I have to use Windows and Visual Studio? 🤢🤮

Or can I use a *nix machine and open source tools to do my job?


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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    I would kill to intern at MS, even if I had to use Windows 98
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    • Tableau / Eng TacW56
      LOL LOL typical (completely misplaced) hubris that I’d expect from an Amazon drone.
    • Tableau / Eng TacW56
      I once had an interview with a “distinguished engineer” at Amazon — his talent was completely indistinguishable!!
    • Microsoft / Eng khoka
      @tableau, lol, lmao, omg, that cracked me up
    • Comcast s184je
      What if you had to use Windows Vista? That would be some real dedication
    • Microsoft hiworl
      Hahah @tableau that was funny
  • Microsoft / Eng khoka
    Unix, open source, Mac, whatever you need to get your job done
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    • Amazon / Eng drooling
      Very nice. That removes a lot of my hesitation
  • Symantec / Eng vtWY77
    .net core is awsome and runs on linux/docker just fine, I think better then on Windows.
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  • Microsoft h64gj8
    It is not old Microsoft. You don't have to use VS and Windows always. Personally I am doing most of the job on Spark cluster.
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  • Microsoft / Eng khoka
    Ms intern program is one of the good ones. It is not just about getting the project done, but with tons of events and fun activities and goodies distributed.

    While it is a bit org specific, I know of atleast one org where the entire intern team got to:
    1. Go for sky diving
    2. Rock concert
    3. Xbox, yes, each one got one.
    4. Surface laptop.
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  • Microsoft / Data kost2kost
    It depends on your team. The tools I work with play nicely with Windows, and the code on my team is organized in VS projects/solutions. Coming from Linux background, I also had predispositions about this, but I got used to this and now it's quite convenient. Think of it this way: as a professional engineer, you'll have to adapt and get used to new dev environments pretty quickly, so why not practice that skill?
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