Making profile more attractive to recruiters (switching tech stack/career path)?

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Reposting with paraphrasing, "greentext style".

Be me, a Senior Developer on a dying platform.

Current Salary is still good, but a lot of people are already abandoning the platform (clients/users/even developers) opting to use a different platform (Cloud based/SaaS).

Have been wanting to switch to a different career path, but to no avail (no internal transfer/team that i can go to). Knowledgeable in a number of other stack/programming languages, but due to the lack of hands-on experience, recruiters seemed to avoid my profile.

1. not sure if i can apply for Entry level positions for the "other stacks".
- even if i can apply, i am not sure i can survive with the salary, or what it would look like to the hiring company/manager.

2. applying as non-Entry/Junior developer, my background, experience and skills might not look strong enough for those positions as i do not have experience to show for the stack.

So how do i curate my profile/resume to make it attractive enough where recruiters (internal to the company) themselves would contact me?


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  • Facebook tAGO84
    Emphasize buisness results rather than tech stack
    Jan 10 7
    • Yelp / Eng baldwoman
      OP i dont agree with what you said at all. YOU implemented the feature. That must bring some revenue, have some number of users, or solve some problem that was otherwise unfilled:

      - implemented task scheduler system that processes 10 million tasks per month. Providers core functionality to x, y, z services. Saves / makes x dollars a year.
      Jan 12
    • Atlassian wYLG17
      Agree, if you're the engineer that was trusted to build the 100 million dollar feature that's a big deal. If it required serious skills even better, but being the trusted one is a great recommendation.
      Jan 12
  • NVIDIA low
    Start working on side projects related to the area you want to move next
    Jan 10 7
    • Microsoft


      StartUp Health
      PM me your favorite meme
      @Spartucus I have a couple recruiters send me peoples' GitHub accounts to rate their technical ability from time to time. It never hurts your application; if you do it right, you'll impress the engineering team and they'll want to work with you more.
      Jan 13
    • Fast Enterprises, LLC Yummies
      @flightless thanks for the examples, that helps a lot! Do you have any more side project ideas for distributed systems? Or any specific resources you recommend for such projects?
      Jan 14
  • SAP HWbr17
    just call yourself an "Architect".
    Jan 12 4
    • Yahoo FFnl47
      Doesn't matter. Everyone seems to be an architect by their own standards
      Jan 12
    • Amazon Markdon
      If they think you design but don't code, you'll struggle to get senior engineer offer. May not even get interview at the companies I mentioned. Other companies might be interested in architects though. A better option would be to say you architected/designed and implemented xyz, rather than saying you're an architect.

      For AWS, you could go with architect if you're aiming for solutions architect job I guess
      Jan 12
  • LinkedIn / Eng 15haYv$7
    What’s the dying platform? Just curious
    Jan 12 1
    • Facebook 409k>401
      Probably some enterprise software that is being eaten alive by cloud
      Jan 12
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    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      I had a hunch about comments like this when I saw the title
      Jan 12
    • Medidata Solutions NeedChnge
      > Uses greentext
      > Attractive Tinder profile

      Choose one
      Jan 12
  • Google XAda17
    Take assessment like Triplebyte, and if you score high you don't need to worry about recruiters. Triplebyte will match you directly with the likes of Facebook, Apple, Stripe, and you can select which companies to talk to. Tuning your resume and waiting to be found is not a good way to get a great job.
    Jan 12 0
  • Google uqza
    I feel real senior people will not be limited by the tech stack they used. The knowledge and ability to learn is more important.
    Jan 12 2
    • Indeed Wiit
      How would one display this on a professional profile to a recruiter?
      Jan 12
    • Google uqza
      Show your domain knowledge, like distributed system, web development, machine learning, etc. Not particular for one platform or tool or language.
      Jan 12
  • Amazon / Eng rando-sde
    Tech stack isn't what's important. Talk about what you built, not necessarily how (in detail) you built it. Nobody's going to ask you the nitty gritty of how you built it, they'll ask you the overall architecture of it.
    Jan 12 0
  • Snapchat / Eng

    Snapchat Eng

    Your best bet here is to get into FAANG or a company with a similar brand quality. After you’ve been in FAANG, your problem will be dealing with so many recruiters hitting on you. To achieve this, you’ll need to put significant time to prepare. Join a training like Interview Kickstart. If you show you’re good, they will probably get you referrals to FAANG. Good luck.
    Jan 12 0
  • New / Other GKFR34
    you could PoC other stacks, generate test traffic to exercise it (and make up for not running it in production).
    Don't forget that recruiters are mostly just a filter to getting in front of people who are technical enough to have a conversation with.
    A good recruiter (rare) will be able to match up descriptives with stack-specific lingo. But most just have a list of technologies to check off. So, you need to SEO your resume/linkedin profile by using keywords most likely to put you in front of those recruiters, while also demonstrating that you actually understand the underlying concepts of the tools.
    You'd be surprised how many people I interview for senior roles that claim experience with toolsets that they not only don't understand, but also, their experience is sometimes clicking through some buttons in a UI to install it.
    Honesty should get you a long ways because the level of dishonesty in this industry is next level.
    Jan 19 0


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