Manual QA engineer on H1b is Visa abuse ?

Jan 4 12 Comments

This is not a occupation bias post.

I recently came across a few people who are working through some Indian companies (not Indian consultant companies that are already running shady businesses based here in US) at onsite location at Google and Facebook as manual QA engineers on H1b visa.
They seem to have exaggerated resumes (by putting fake experiences) to score projects

Is manual QA a speciality occupation ?

How did USCIS grant them H1b visa based on their job duties ?

Due to such folks is the queue for EB2 India getting over populated ?

Does it make sense to report such cases (against employer not employees) to USCIS for Visa abuse ?

Note : I have nothing against individual people who are working here. Everyone deserves a chance to make big in life. However, I find very difficult to process these employer practices



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  • Cisco GoPatss
    Well, you want the line to be drawn to your preferences. Same old, same old!
    Jan 4 0
  • Bloomberg GO<GO>
    What makes you more deserving of a visa than them? You probably came from a more privileged background and education that enabled you to excel academically and become a software engineer instead of a manual QA engineer, for reasons outside of anyone's control (i.e. being born to a different family).
    Jan 4 2
    • Roku NkPA86
      We all have different backgrounds and come from various privileges. It has nothing to do with having more family money will result in software coder vs less family money will result in manual QA engineers.
      Your logic doesn't make sense and it's flawed

      I am simply asking ethics here. Few Indian folks I came across if get caught can bring down the entire community.
      I don't understand what's the point of making such money when experience is fake, skillset doesn't qualify for specialty occupation visa. Why build career on ground of everything fake
      Jan 4
    • Microsoft / Eng tatun
      Op, the burden of proof lies on the employer, sadly. Hence they get away with it, and when this happens enmass, the chances are many bad engineers even survive and get mixed into the pool, overall downgrading the quality of the pool.

      Why they do it? Money, ofcourse. Even the lowest paying job here 60-70k is a huge deal back in India. They can buy things otherwise unreachable, like cars and homes.
      Jan 4
  • Facebook MCSW23
    Have a kit kat and take a break, don’t be a jerk just be a person and then ask yourself what would you do if you in their shoestring.
    Jan 4 1
    • Roku NkPA86
      I am not being a jerk. I am not taking any action. I am simply asking the community here if it's a right thing to do

      If I was in their position, I would step out of this country rather than doing illegal stuff.
      Jan 4
  • Amazon grist
    Soon S386 will pass and this joke will be over. QA and everyone else will have full right to work in USA whenever they want.
    Jan 4 0
  • Lol some of my fellow software engineers definitely don't deserve to be at the level they are. Let me try and make a blind post complaining about that. /s
    Jan 4 0
  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

    Hands on developer, hardworking, leader, influencer, extremely committed to work, like to learn new things, level head in times of pressure
    Too less information to judge. We don't know the candidate's entire experience or job description.

    Let's not judge based on perceived notions of their job or the person's qualification
    Jan 4 0
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  • New —/
    If company job description says they need at least degree or experience, they are legally here. If not, h1b will be rejected. If you want to complain job discrimination isn’t accurate, you can do.
    If you say employee faked experience, you have to complain about employee not employer.
    Remember that experienced people also have down time in life, some may even have dull years (google burnout ).
    Jan 4 0
  • Microsoft / Eng tatun
    Op, to answer the question, how do they get the visas...

    Just like they fake the resume, and the education and the past experience, they, along with their employer and lawyer, fake the invitation letter where they are claimed to be subject matter experts(SME).

    The visa office cannot validate them, mostly because institutions run on chain of trust. If one is cheatinghe whole chain becomes weak.
    Jan 4 0


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