Market highs vs Recession

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Looking at the current market high, it's scary if everything is going to come crashing down. On that note, How much cash is everyone holding?

I have about 150 in passive index while holding 250 in cash. They're no way I have the courage to put any 💰 in the market right now - not trying to time the market nor I care about keeping only a percentage in cash given market conditions
401k is separate which is all passive

What is everyone thinking and doing.
Intent is to understand and share ideas too


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  • 300k in stock market. 100+ in cash. 1 million in real estate.
    5d 4
    • Nextdoor / Eng fSMb86
      Bay Area or out of state? If so where?
    • The 30 years mortage house doesn't count, buddy.
    • The 1 million is in principal, not it mortgage value. Mortgage value is significantly higher
    • Buddy.
  • New HXwF46
    Get concerned if you see GDP retraction from a quarter to quarter. I swear you all nervous nancies dont even know what the formal definition of a recession is.
    5d 2
    • Twilio wlWB57
      What's with the tone? Feel free to share your definition to educate all
    • New HXwF46
      It's just The definition. The textbook one. The one the fed uses. 2 quarters of GDP retraction = a recession. I'm just shocked how many people here who are supposedly brilliant dont know what a recession is.
  • Amazon ghomteku
    400k in stocks 100k in cash. Feeling nervous and want to liquidate some quickly and invest in real estate
    5d 7
    • Apple hummus29
      Price in Bay Area is still high only over bidding might be happening less. Hard to buy SFH with 1M here.
    • Amazon ghomteku
      Actually i was just looking at San Jose market earlier this evening. Bidding wars but list prices lower than before. I would buy a house only if you plan to live in that.
    • New kMUX11
      What if market crashes, causing tech companies to shrink and lay off, destroying real estate in places like Seattle ?
    • Amazon ghomteku
      Well, in a doomsday scenario, you loose money everywhere but then you should never invest anywhere and keep cash. You hedge your risk potential against doomsday scenario and diversify. Real estate is generally okay to invest assuming you hold it for 5+ years
    • Tableau teslamode3
      @kmu when there is recession house prices do go down like it did in 2008 recession but it will eventually come back up.
  • Forcepoint techieEcho
    Market is gonna run.... Recession delayed by a couple years at least right now

    Trumps getting business done!
    4d 0
  • CloudBees / Eng

    CloudBees Eng

    If your that nervous, simply invest in short term bonds to wait for a correction. But with most corrections, its usually just an opportunity to buy.

    Personally i invest 25 percent snd use most to pay down debt. Because i know that is what kills.

    Stocks will eventually go back up. Debts just go higher.
    5d 1
    • Amazon ghomteku
      +1. I would also suggest to keep at least 20% cash. Markets always go back up eventually. When everyone is nervous and markets hit rock bottom.. Go all in.
  • Google bighead2
    tldr; you are not trying to time the market, but you are holding $250k in cash for market timing
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  • Tableau teslatesla
    300 in cash. 1 mil in stock 😱 we're not putting any more in
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