Microsoft cooldown period

New NeVuM
Jan 9 5 Comments


I recently got a mail from Microsoft HR1 to my mail id1 --- saying there is a Microsoft Hiring Event planned at Bangalore.

On the same evening one more Microsoft HR2 called to my mobile and said my friend has refered me, and asked me to come down to Microsoft IDC Hyderabad for interview on Dec 18th. I have shared my mail id2 for this activity, to which he shared flight tickets, hotel booking etc.

On 18th i had the interview and i couldnt clear 3rd round, so HR asked to leave for the day as AA round is not gonna happen as im not being considered anymore.

On 19th I have written mail to HR1 to consider me for future events if anything planned in bangalore. So he asked to join an event planned at bangalore 21st Dec.

Unfortunately this time i have cleared all the rounds and met the manager in the AA round whom i should have met on Dec 18th. Then i have realised i have got the opportunity with same Hiring Manager (different team might be which is under him again).

Now Main issue ... do i need to reveal this to HR3 (whom HR1 has mailed saying i have cleared all the rounds asked to proceed with further steps) who has to release offer.

Do they revoke the offer as i have attended before cool down period of 6 months.

Please someone throw some light on this complex issue i got :( # MicrosoftCoolDownPeriod


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  • T-Mobile tmotmotmo
    One of my friends attended 7 interviews with MS in 9 months. Never asked about previous interview. He cleared last one. Probably he was working with different recruiter every time.
    Jan 9 2
    • Northrop Grumman NANDx
      SEVEN interview rounds? Or like 7 separate interviews? That’s crazy, did he get in??
      Jan 9
    • T-Mobile tmotmotmo
      7 separate interviews over a period of 9 months.
      Jan 9
  • Google .
    No, just play dumb... It’s not your fault...

    Even if they come to know about this, they won’t revoke I believe.

    They never asked you in the process whether you rejected recently, you never lied about it, it’s all good.

    Finally, if this is indeed a problem for them; then if you reveal it yourself, you will certainly get the offer revoked. If you don’t reveal, there is at least a chance that it won’t.
    Jan 9 0
  • Goldman Sachs mynameisb
    No cool down at Microsoft.
    Jan 9 0


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