Microsoft vs VMware

Jul 2, 2019 17 Comments

Already accepted offer from Microsoft which is just 10% higher than current compensation. Location is Seattle. Current location Bay Area.

Really comfortable at VMware. Always get good rating. Am I making a mistake by moving to Microsoft? Work is almost same, system level programming.

Since I don't know much about Microsoft culture, would like feedback from folks here at Blind which company is better prepared for future, like growth, job stability. I don't want to change jobs for next 5-6 years. Also I would be more concerned about job stability than TC. Would I be able to meet standards at Microsoft.

Initially accepted offer because I badly wanted to move out of Bay Area but now having second thoughts.

Current TC - MTS3, around 180
Offered TC - L62, around 200

YOE 4.5


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Google goraptors
    Less state tax in Seattle? That saves you another 7-8%
    Jul 2, 2019 0
  • Microsoft fang2
    Yoe? Level in Vmware vs msft
    Jul 2, 2019 3
    • VMware offshore
      Updated, is working at Microsoft challenging? Like Amazon, FB. Do they PIP/layoff? What are the chances a new hired will be laid off.
      Jul 2, 2019
    • Microsoft
      Tier 1


      #1 in Prestige
      Tier 1more
      It depends a lot on where in the company.
      Jul 2, 2019
    • Microsoft fang2
      It’s good. Not sure how it compares with Fb and amazon as I never worked for them. But both companies pay extremely high as per blind and ms just can’t complete
      Jul 2, 2019
  • Microsoft HudiBaba!
    We can answer about work if you tell us what team/org you accepted the offer for.
    Jul 2, 2019 2
    • VMware offshore
      Storage and file system team
      Jul 2, 2019
    • VMware / Eng

      VMware Eng

      Guessing you're in SABU @ vmw?
      Jul 2, 2019
  • VMware aug
    TC and offer details?
    Jul 2, 2019 1
    • VMware offshore
      Updated. Though for now looking for growth and job stability.
      Jul 2, 2019
  • VMware BiggySmlz
    Vmware heavily manager driven. Pure pot luck.
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • VMware / Eng Codeyard
    If you get promoted to Sr. MTS in VMware, your Bonus would be 17% flat jumped from 12% + VMware stock is doing great these days
    Jul 3, 2019 1
    • VMware offshore
      Yes then it will be simple to decide, but I know I won't be promoted anytime soon.
      Jul 3, 2019
  • Microsoft pmsquared
    VMWare begs people who go to MS to come back. Go to MS and if you don’t like it go back to VM after a year for higher role and TC.
    Jul 10, 2019 0
  • VMware sssshhhhh
    You will get raise in coming weeks you can make a more informed decision.
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • VMware stark4
    I wouldn't recommend moving as you seems to enjoy working at vmware and the salary hike you are getting at Microsoft is not high.
    Jul 3, 2019 0
  • VMware / Eng Codeyard
    Then if you are bored at VMware and want to learn and work on new things and ofcourse if you are comfortable moving to Seattle for atleast next couple of years, Go for it. You will have plenty of opportunities there..
    Jul 3, 2019 0


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