My noisy apt situation, please help!

Aug 20, 2019 18 Comments

We’re a couple with a two year old. We live in a two bedroom in LA and the noisy neighbors above us are ruining our lives. We started the rent in December, and things were ok until the spring started and since then we are constantly having noise problems. I used to go upstairs and talk to them. Most of the time they were understanding, but we had the same noise problems a couple of days later. When I went to talk to them again, I saw new people!
I complained to property management and they gave us a security number to call during the night. We kept calling this number during midnight several days a week but nothing happened. The property manager told us the reason we see different people is that it is a corporate housing.

Later on my wife found out the unit is advertised on like a hotel! OK, now everything made sense.

This noise problem has significantly impacted our quality of life. We’re usually awake from 4am to 7am several days a week. The people are coming and going every two or three days a week, and they are usually jet-lagged and active at night when we need to sleep. Sometimes they just arrive during midnight and start setting up the furniture around 2 am. They usually use shoes like people do in hotels that makes their walking above us even more noisy.

My performance at work has substantially degraded because I cannot get enough sleep and I’m worried I might lose my job. My wife who takes care of our kid is totally tired throughout the day because she cannot sleep well.

Please help what can I do? Can I sue them?


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