Need Help with Databricks Interview Prep

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How is it like to interview at Databricks for a Software Engineer (Back-end) role in a team related to "cloud infrastructure platform powering all of Databricks", a.k.a. the founding team in Toronto? Particularly, I'd love to know what are the areas that they'll assess, and what kind of people they're generally looking for in terms of technical background and cultural fit. I appreciate any pointers that might help me prepare cuz I couldn't find much on their career website 🙏

My worry is that I don't have a lot of background in machine learning, data analytics or even SQL, and I was first exposed to cloud technologies and production systems fairly recently. I'm still very interested in this company/role cuz..curiosity. Still got a callback from recruiter which is a great first step. Previously had a ton of experience working on high perf offline compute systems - it was technically challenging, but I suspect there is not a whole lot of domain knowledge you can borrow. It would be good if Databricks is open to people who are generally strong coders despite they don't have the exact domain knowledge and accept that you can learn on the fly 😇

YoE: 3-5 depends on how you count it.
TC: 160-300k canadian, depends on which offer to take and if/how to count paper money.


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  • Databricks dnrjikfnv
    It’s a somewhat standard interview process with algorithms, data structures, system design. I don’t think we test you in machine learning unless it’s a machine learning specific role. I heard we are ramping up hiring in Toronto, and we are hiring strong people from mix backgrounds. Good luck!
    Jan 5 2
    • Amazon / Eng 10xngneer
      Thanks! Do you have any intel on what the team in Toronto works on?
      Jan 5
    • Databricks qloudb
      I don’t know the details but I heard it’s on the core cloud platform.
      Jan 6
  • New sjay
    If you meet the mandatory requirements go ahead. Sounds like you're motivated. What have you got to lose? Go for it. Take the opportunity to learn more regardless of the outcome. By the way, which Canadian city do you work at Amazon? Nice TC
    Jan 4 1
    • Amazon / Eng 10xngneer
      Toronto. Current TC is about 180-190k. L5. Heard Vancouver uses similar scale.

      300k is just the upper end of a small company that I'm still debating whether to join or not. One third of that is paper money though. Can't complain about the TC but here is not like Seattle/Calif :)

      Really excited about Databricks tho so I want to see the outcome before making any rash decisions on my current options.
      Jan 4


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