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Sep 20, 2019 3 Comments

Does Netflix have a cool off period? I made it past the onsite but stumbled on a take home assignment. It was a skill mismatch, but there is a position open that is a much better fit, directly in my area of expertise. Hiring manager for the original role said he’d be happy to refer me, but didn’t have a specific role in mind when he said it. I was contacted about the original role, but I found the second role on the site.

Also, do referrals count for more than simply getting on the radar? This last question, I’m also curious across companies. It seems like, at most, it may allow you to bypass a pre-onsite round, but in general just makes you stand out slightly more than the online application might

Does Netflix have a cool off?

What effect do referrals actually have?


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    No, there is no cool off period. If it's deemed a potential good match we'll move forward. I was deemed good for Netflix, but not the role and was passed on. Three weeks later i interviewed with an entirely new team and got/accepted the role.

    Referrals help bring your resume directly to attention of hiring manager and recruiter. Almost every time this will get you an initial phone screen directly with hiring manager. That said, it's up to each hiring manager from there on out. In other words a referral will get your foot in the door, but you're on your own after that.
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