New Grad VS SDE1/2 positions

Aug 10, 2019 2 Comments

I'm a Master's student from CS background in US, about to start my FTE applications graduating May 2020. From my observation TC of new grad positions are less compared to direct SDE1/2 positions.

Is there any advantage applying to new grad positions compared to direct SDE1 /2 positions.

Target companies - Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, PayPal, Cisco, Walmart, etc.

I have 2 years of experience(India) + 1 year of internship experience in US by the time I graduate.

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  • Microsoft / Eng cholical
    New grad offers at Microsoft are much better than their equivalent 59 and 60 industry hires.

    You are correct about Amazon though. New grad offers are standard and non negotiable. If you can directly interview for a team for a role outside of university recruiting, you can negotiate your offer especially if you already have some work experience.

    Not sure about other companies in your list.
    Aug 10, 2019 1
    • VMware / Eng (!null)
      Okay then that's company specific. I have to collect more info about each company! Thanks for the insights!
      Aug 10, 2019


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