No one in their right mind would move from Oracle to AWS

Dec 18, 2018 28 Comments

During a conference call after releasing its second quarter earnings, Ellison highlighted why he believes his company's databases are better than Amazon's, saying:

"We have a huge technology leadership in database over Amazon. In terms of technology, there is no way that... any normal person would move from an Oracle database to an Amazon database."

During the AWS re:Invent conference last month, AWS CTO Werner Vogels gave an in-depth talk explaining why Amazon had decided to turn of its Oracle data warehouse and these remarks certainly got to Ellison.

From Oracle on-premise to Oracle public cloud

Ellison continued his rant on why moving from Oracle to AWS was a hassle highlighting how expensive and complicated the process is, saying:

“You've got to be willing to give up tons of reliability, tons of security, tons of performance... Nobody, save maybe Jeff Bezos, gave the command, 'I want to get off the Oracle database."

According to Ellison, Oracle will keep its 50 per cent relational database market share but the company will also expand it through the combination of its new Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure and its autonomous database technology.

He stressed his point further, saying:

"You will see rapid migration of Oracle from on-premise to the Oracle public cloud. Nobody else is going to go through that forced march to go on to the Amazon database."


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TOP 28 Comments
  • New daring
    Actually there is a huge cry in the market place to move off Oracle to in house developed distributed transactional DB (Amzn Aurora, Google Spanner, YugaByte, etc). These are much faster and lightweight and cheaper than Oracle which cannot scale out very much. Then there are KV Stores such as Cassandra (key-column-value of Megastore variant), and MongoDB who are eating Oracles lunch in the other categories.

    Oracle is in a tough spot IMO.
    Dec 18, 2018 2
    • LinkedIn / Eng
      Gill Bates

      LinkedIn Eng

      [Insert epic sax here]
      Gill Batesmore
      If you're moving from Oracle to MongoDB, either Oracle wasn't a good choice initially (didn't need ACID or full durability) or your CTO is criminally incompetent/on drugs.
      Dec 19, 2018
    • Amazon kudobear
      Didn't daring mentioned Aurora and other cloud offering for relational database? Aurora is Enterprise grade (oracle) with 1/10 of oracle's cost....
      Dec 19, 2018
  • Oracle trossac
    So what’s your statement here? We suck, you rule? Amen to that.
    Dec 18, 2018 7
    • Oracle trossac
      Hell no. I am only loyal to myself. At the same time I can’t stand bullshitters. These kids get out of college, get a big tc, and suddenly they know it all. As if all the technical wisdom that existed before, are all null and void just because they fixed some bugs in a stupid app.

      Grow up kids. Spend at least fifteen years in the industry then come and say which one is better. When you do, come with some solid logic or data. You saying so means shit. Just like me saying anything. But at least I have past forty years data and all Fortune 500 companies to back me up. You got nothing so far.
      Dec 20, 2018
    • HP / Eng Modulus
      At least with OCI there is the possibility of doing something which could end up awesome.

      And hopefully not the Abs(awesome).

      It's already done at Amazon and Microsoft, boring.
      Dec 21, 2018
  • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
    Right. Because any normal person wouldn’t be using an oracle database to begin with
    Dec 18, 2018 0
  • Salesforce vbhdhkbcs
    Even Oracle employees don't defend Oracle on Blind ... Sad!
    Dec 18, 2018 2
    • Oracle mqMs36
      why should we if company treats us badly?
      Dec 19, 2018
    • Facebook Gush3
      Move to Amazon and it only gets worse
      Dec 19, 2018
  • Google amzng123
    Problem is that AWS's cloud is more superior to Oracle's cloud than Oracle's DB is to any DB that can be run on AWS.

    If Larry makes his DB multi cloud, he'll be ok. But he won't bc his ego is too big, so he'll lose instead.
    Dec 19, 2018 2
    • Oracle / Design MiddleWest
      I don’t know that you can run an Oracle data warehouse on other clouds; you can still setup Oracle via RDS though. I still am not clear on what Oracle’s non-relational DB offerings are.
      Dec 19, 2018
    • How is that a problem?
      Dec 19, 2018
  • Flagged by the community.

  • Boeing / Ops Airbus
    Is he entirely wrong? How many fortune 500 moved away from Oracle to AWS?
    Dec 18, 2018 0
  • Oracle BjGO24
    There’s a not so secret reason why Oracle doesn’t scale. Great databases don’t. Truly valuable data wants integrity and durability, not scalability.
    Dec 21, 2018 0
  • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
    All I'm saying is, Elasticsearch is definitely faster than searching in Oracle
    Dec 18, 2018 0
  • Nobody cares how advanced you are if you gouge customers for performance of the machine and the competitor is free.
    Dec 19, 2018 0


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