Non-SWE invited for Web Solutions Engineer (gTech) interview?

Nov 26, 2019 1 Comment

Hi all,

About me:

• Apple (Support Ops Engineering)
• IC3 @ $112k (not ICT)

Was reached out by a Google recruiter about a Web Solutions Engineer role in San Francisco for gTech. I passed the initial technical phone screening and am in talks for the phone coding interview.

I’m really interested, however my mild research so far about WSE seems to be that everyone suggests to avoid it, that it’s lower than SWE at Google, etc.

I do have long-term aspirations to become a SWE in the future, but I don’t mind starting somewhere below it to become stronger in my tech aptitude. I’m a Systems Support Engineer who just troubleshoots infrastructure issues. Am familiar with command line as we use it to troubleshoot and reconfigure, but role has very mild coding opportunities.

My background is in CIS, not CS. I have had some front-end development experience in the past, but it was mostly just copy+pasting existing frameworks and modifying it to fit with the business requirements.

Currently, I have been locking in with Python, brushing up on my CS algorithm/data structures, learning as much as I can, assuming it is going to be a full stack coding interview.

My questions are:

1. How is the WSE role for someone like me who isn’t a SWE, but has technical and software support experience?

2. What kinds of coding interview questions are asked for WSE? Recruiter said this will be a full stack role, and I should lock into Java or Python (I chose Python). I was sent a PDF brochure of tips and advice of what to study. I was hoping I could get some example coding interview questions. So far I have been practicing FizzBuzz, Fibonacci, query parameter API calls, flattening arrays, Big O Notation, Sort Algos, etc.

3. How is the pay for WSE, particularly for the SF office in gTech?

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate any helpful tips or guidance some of you may share. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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