Nordstrom Total Compensation Ranges (My TC: 325k)

Mar 25, 2019 132 Comments

People seem to not believe me when I share my Nordstrom TC. Yes, Nordstrom does have decent pay. We have done a lot to modernize our stack (Kubernetes, Kafka, Lambdas, AWS+GCP hybrid). Being in Seattle, it's the only way Nordstrom can stay somewhat competitive in hiring talent. Here are the current TC ranges. Format is Level / Low to High Salary / Annual Bonus / Annual Stock.

1 / 90k - 126k / 10% Bonus
2 / 104k - 150k / 20% Bonus
Sr 1 / 120k - 180k / 25% Bonus
Sr 2 / 142k - 213k / 30% Bonus
Principal / 169k - 253k / 30% Bonus / 15% Stock
Sr Principal / 300k+ / 30% Bonus / 30% Stock

Levels and ranges are the same between software engineers and program managers. Also, new hires tend to be brought in at the high end of the range (or outside the range).

People with zero YOE, no college degree coming out of a coding bootcamp are automatically offered 105k+10% bonus.

Hopefully, this encourages everyone to not discount Nordstrom as a potential employer.


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  • Nordstrom simplegirl
    I would stay away from Nordstrom , guys. it is another retail company that is now over compensating for its general lack of engineering culture. The majority of the teams work on legacy Oracle and mainframe systems.
    Mar 26, 2019 9
    • Nordstrom rocksalsa
      Slated to be replaced in 15 - 25 years , yes ... Most business critical systems are on prem legacy systems.
      Mar 28, 2019
    • Nordstrom / IT

      Nordstrom IT

      Expedia Group
      Sr. Info Sec professional
      Why the anger? It’s not a good look for Nordstrom. Cut it out.
      Mar 28, 2019
  • Amazon RLRq11
    Why no RSU'S to engineers?
    Mar 25, 2019 24
    • Nordstrom


      I'm me😂
      Just to clarify... This year we received 97% of our Target bonus. That means,
      E1 - 9.7% bonus of their pay, 13% for performers
      E2 - 19.5% Standard, 26% Performers
      Sr1- 24.25% Standard, 32.5% Performers
      Sr2- 29.1% Standard, 39% Performers

      And so on...
      Standard Payout is - % of your target bonus (97% this year)
      Enhanced Payout for Performers - 130% of your target bonus.
      Mar 26, 2019
    • Nordstrom / Eng EBlV76
      The new increased bonus structure also took effect starting in May 2018 so there is a prorated bonus calculation using the old bonus percentage i.e., 15% for Sr from Feb - April.
      Mar 26, 2019
  • LinkedIn tendies
    So what kind of work do you do? Can you go into more detail about what other teams do
    Mar 25, 2019 3
    • Nordstrom nordie
      We have a lot of programs that you would expect from a modern eCommerce platform. That includes building a recommendations engine, machine learning platform and event sourcing pipeline for business analytics, a massive ground-up project to build an order management system, infrastructure to support all the microservices. Nordstrom has site reliability engineering, engineering standards, and tech design reviews as well. Website is mostly React. Mobile applications are native iOS/Android. Services are Node.js, Golang, or Java.
      Mar 25, 2019
    • Nordstrom nordie
      We have a lot of leadership that came from Amazon, Expedia, Google, Microsoft. They have really raised the bar on technical/operational excellence at Nordstrom.
      Mar 25, 2019
  • NASDAQ / Eng smrts
    Perks at Nordstrom ?
    Mar 25, 2019 7
    • Nordstrom nordie
      A lot of teams are super flexible about this. People don’t charge PTO for taking a day off here and there.
      Mar 25, 2019
    • Amazon RLRq11
      40% discount is it available on rack and online as well?
      Mar 29, 2019
  • Nordstrom eisnsnsk
    OP is overstating what it is like to work here . There are a ton of legacy systems that have to be managed along with buzzword compliant tech(Kafka , AWS etc) . The company’s most critical and rewarding business runs on legacy systems. The buzzword compliant tech is only a layer over these critical systems which do the actual heavy lifting. Also we mostly rely on commercial off the shelf products to run the IT shop , no budgets / desire for building a product from scratch. Obviously there are exceptions , but this is the norm. So to come out to Blind and paint a fairy tale story and skipping noteworthy details is wrong and also misleading IMO
    May 8, 2019 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Nordstrom nordie
      That was years ago and I like to believe that people learn from their mistakes.

      So far, the CTO has done a great job aligning Nordstrom Technology in the right direction. I’m pretty happy with how he is guiding the company.
      Mar 25, 2019
    • Nordstrom n-1
      Lol. He’s building teradata v3 at Nordstrom as we speak. Expedia->Tesco->Nordstrom.
      Apr 1, 2019
  • Nordstrom complexq
    Well ... most of Nordstrom’s mission critical applications run on legacy systems that a large number of teams support ... for Instance supply chain is still running all of its warehouses on an AS400 !!!
    Mar 26, 2019 7
    • Nordstrom nordie
      That is specifically Amazon Fulfillment. I’m told other Amazon orgs still use Oracle products.

      Also, you’re missing the point here. My point was that moving off Oracle is a hard problem to solve. Considering the news around Amazon+Oracle, that only highlights this point.

      Also, consider looking into how many tech companies you respect use Oracle products. It’s more widespread than you think.
      Apr 4, 2019
    • Amazon RLRq11
      Generally any kind of migrations are hard. Amazon has this weird culture of top down push and everything has to be migrated in set amount of time else you are missing S team goals.
      Apr 4, 2019
  • Kohl’s dough
    would be a good post for ecommerce/ retail channel
    Mar 25, 2019 1
    • Nordstrom nordie
      Mar 25, 2019
  • Nordstrom rocksalsa
    LOL - something is fishy with this OP and the intentions behind this post.
    Mar 28, 2019 6
    • Nordstrom qgcO30
      Humble brag recruiting. Not everyone comes to Blind to complain about their TC and to look for greener grass
      Apr 3, 2019
    • Nordstrom nordie
      @Salmonella/@rocksalsa: Hahaha isn’t it obvious what my intentions are? I don’t know how much more transparency/honestly you need.

      Let me spell it out for you. I’m trying to boost my own career and yours by showing the world that Nordstrom is more legit than most people think in terms of pay and tech stack. Sure, we ain’t no Google/Facebook but still worth considering as a tech employer.

      Can you think of other benefits to improving the Nordstrom Technology brand besides improving your own brand or recruiting? If you need help, consider taking a marketing class.
      Apr 4, 2019
  • Nice try Nordstrom manager.325 is misleading because very few people will get that because you need to be sr principle. At fang everyone and their mums have 350k
    Mar 27, 2019 6
    • Also I'm born in USA just don't give a fuck about lapsus lingua on blind
      Mar 28, 2019
    • Expedia Group yorl
      You hired a lot of second tier (aka ex Expedia) people into your leadership. Not a good sign.
      Feb 14