OCI vs AWS vs Carta

Sep 20, 2019 13 Comments

age:28 no debt and not married, but was thinking buying a house
current: SDE II @ AWS
yoe: 2 yrs 3 months in the us (<1 yr before coming to the state)
TC: base ~140k with ~30 shares/incoming years

Just got promoted in Q2. Team has pretty heavy operational and work load. Great revenue product with quite diverse feature/project coming up. like the manager and most of the team. i have around 15 shares going to be vested in Dec. However, even though there seems to be some larger scope project coming, not sure exactly when and how much i would be able to get. Team has been established and definitely smell like brownfield even though we are continuously pushing out new features and there are planned refactoring effort on the monolithic software to microservices. Things I really don’t like: 1) some teammates are really ..... that sometimes i feel burdened that i have to spend time to do their work or worry about things they should be thinking. 2) continuous chasing not-so-realistic deadline and put tech debt to first hit management goal. 3) too much internal/trivial things and afraid that i might not be using my time the best for my career as it could be. i am definitely still learning here and there but things usually asked in design interview, we barely would get a taste of it. concept of load-balancer, design APIs between sevices, data pipeline... etc

just got an offer from OCI for a new team. seems like it would be quite interesting/challenging that would be beneficial for career in the long run. there is really nothing much built yet so would be building the service from the ground up. (will fill in package once i have the number)

Aside from that, i still have an onsite interview scheduled with Carta in a week or so. it seems to be interesting that i might be able to try different tech stack and learn things which are more common everywhere (docker, and etc). It seems to be a great startup to work at, especially considering that i would like to eventually be a founder/early member of another startup.

questions i have:
1. does moving to OCI make sense?
2. any insight/advice?
3. would it be weird/legit to say i would like to wait for interviewing with Carta and decide based on that?
4. what would you do and why?


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    I don't know what carta is.

    What level did you get from OCI. If you got IC3, it's probably not worth moving for that. IC4 then yes.
    Sep 20, 2019 6
    • Oracle brombaz
      Ask about ops up front. Just be careful.
      Sep 20, 2019
    • Amazon / Eng go.c3po
      Cool thanks for the heads up!
      Sep 20, 2019
  • Expedia Group / Eng employme
    What's the OCI offer?
    Sep 20, 2019 3
    • Oracle platwork
      Maybe they'll have more budget after the big RIF on Monday
      Sep 20, 2019
    • Amazon / Eng go.c3po
      What is RIF?
      Sep 20, 2019
  • Oracle dnbhzc
    OCI is doing really good.
    Sep 20, 2019 1
    • Amazon / Eng go.c3po
      I heard but ... just not sure if it would be a good move
      Sep 20, 2019


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