Only brown dude in a team of white folks?

Feb 13 64 Comments

So i am the only brown dude in a team of white folks, i find it difficult to relate with them in terms of things and work as they have different perspective, any tips on how to get along well?



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  • Now you know how Whites feel at Infosys?
    Feb 13 8
    • Yeah, Satya! That’s how CEO post is!
      Feb 14
    • Microsoft / Eng TC_Hoe
      Ironically Satya is not the only Indian in his direct reports
      Feb 14
  • LinkedIn aVLN55
    Lawyer up, hit the gym and leet code until you’re spent
    Feb 13 7
  • Amazon 6fdgfy
    I was the only Indian in a team of whites here at Amazon. First 6 months I didn't really enjoy. Didn't really make friends. Then I was there for about 4 years. Most of them became really good friends and now I miss them.

    I hardly had anything common with them. But with time, you'll get to know each other more, you'll grow as an engineer and you all will grow together as a team. It all turns out to be fine. Make sure you get lunch and coffee together that's where all the getting-to-know happens.

    Now I am in a team of all Indians and I don't enjoy it because of the workaholic culture.
    Feb 13 1
    • Charter / Eng otacorn
      Exactly. You will like it once you are settled in. The more brown people, the more competitive the culture.
      Feb 14
  • Apple


    I am the only black guy on my team. Who cares? It is a job. I don’t need them to be my homies we just need to work well enough to get the job done.
    Feb 14 1
    • AT&T / Eng

      AT&T Eng

      AT&T, Uber
      Me too
      Feb 16
  • Intel McComic
    I dont care where my coworkers are from. I also have no desire to discuss anything other than work with them. If there is a team event sure then i will join the fun. I am there only for business. Lunch once in a while is ok.
    Feb 13 2
    • Axtria incel
      Feb 13
    • Carta xsiM08
      Wow. You seem great to work with...
      Feb 13
  • Google lenajava
    Are you good at coding? There is a bias that Indians are not. Ask everyone as if you are working to improve your skills and you need an honest feedback. Try to proactively ask all the time. You might be surprised what you can learn
    Feb 13 5
    • Google lenajava
      Exceptions confirm the rule:) But seriously it can be multiple reasons why the person are not getting along. Everything was mentioned here
      Feb 16
    • Remitly / Eng mavrorange
      IME (thirty fucking years bruh) the Indian coding talent curve matches the American coding talent curve pretty much exactly. Maybe people who think otherwise should consider being less of a fucking racist.
  • Amazon pdfht
    What ethnicity is brown again?
    Feb 13 10
    • @TorukMakto - ‘fair and lovely ‘ disagrees with that!
      Feb 15
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Mobile Native Software Developer | 2 YOE | Looking for jobs out West
      As a Filipino, I see myself as golden brown or the general Asian Yellow.
  • Google brick lay
    Why are Facebook and Google tagged? You know you need to tag MSFT and Amazon for maximum points right?
    Feb 13 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Android Developer with less than 1 yoe and 65K TC
    As an Indian, I hate working with other Indians as, they can get unprofessional, and tend do observe your life and comment on it. Like why, do you eat beef, you are Hindu, and it's against that.
    I am like, Jezz, why don't come to my house and teach me how to breathe!!!
    Feb 15 2
    • Remitly / Eng mavrorange
      नफरत करने वाले नफरत करने वाले हैं
    • Take it easy !
  • Toyota oqh324
    I'm the only white in a team of brown
    Feb 14 0


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