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Aug 23, 2018 8 Comments

Currently talking to 4 places:

TuneIn, Sr/Staff SWE. Applied for Staff but I think they probably expect considerably more YoE based on first phone call (non-technical). Tech call scheduled soon. Numbers quoted put TC at ~180-190 (with potential to go higher if I blow them out of the water and level at Staff), but it's only like 85% real money. Equity isn't nearly as risky as at an early stage startup but obviously it's nowhere near as good as post-public, and it's not liquid. Some parts of the phone call were a bit weird. Anybody know what the eng culture is like?

Tinder, Staff SWE. Gave them my schedule a couple days ago, still waiting to hear back about first call (but it'll be with the HM). No idea what comp range/structure or work culture here is. WeHo office, since I'm in LA.

Oscar - Sr SWE. If they have higher level eng roles, they aren't hiring for them, and I'm not really hung up on the job title. Haven't been able to get too much info about the place - pretty sure Glassdoor is completely off the mark, though. First call scheduled for next week.

Google - ???. Got over myself and pinged a recruiter I had added on LinkedIn and told him I was being headhunted by a bunch of places (which is true) and wanted to talk, but wasn't sure if I should wait because I'd last applied late last year. He didn't seem to think it mattered. I know that there's a one-year freeze if you get to an on-site but I didn't even get a response (I guess getting distributed systems + multi-cloud experience is helpful...). Don't know how likely this is to lead anywhere - pretty sure he's not hiring for YouTube/photos (the LA office) but I don't know how good they are about passing along candidates. Thanks to Blind I have a pretty good idea what the comp range is for various bands (at least in the bay) and I'm not worried about it losing to anyone else (unless I get leveled at L3 or Oscar pays better than I expect). Anyone know anything about the LA office (culture, hiring, comp, etc)?

Also talking to a few other places i.e. Cornerstone but they're pretty slow about responding and it doesn't sound super exciting. Would ideally like to throw my hat in the ring at, say, Hulu and Facebook (the Oculus office) as well, but I've already been rejected twice at the first (got to final round the first time, then got inappropriately upleveled on submission so didn't get past resume screen the second time) and I don't have any contacts at the second so it'd feel like throwing it into a black hole.

Looking for any pros/cons, ideally based on personal experience.

Current TC: 150k (slightly fudged), 5 YoE.

Edit: Progress on several fronts. Google phone interview scheduled for Monday. Not sure how prepared I am, but I hope I'm overestimating the difficulty level. Got an offer from Tinder: 160 base, 300 RSU, 15 sign-on, no bonus mentioned(?). Weird experience, tbh, I went straight from non-tech phone screen (with engineering manager for the team I'd be interviewing for) to on-site with nothing in between. They also didn't tell me anything about the on-site, but it ended up being basically a Bay Area tech interview (which is pretty rare in LA). The only reason I was prepared at all was because I was already studying for Google, and I still didn't think I did super well on it - first round was LC easy/med which I got pretty fast to linear time, but needed help to optimize to constant space, second round was system design which went really well, third round was LC med/hard which I barely managed to solve (but I did have some difficulty communicating with the interviewer... beyond the language barrier, I got stuck a couple times and they weren't super responsive until like ~30 minutes in), and fourth round was an easy culture fit/product-focused round. I was interviewing for Staff Backend but got leveled at Senior. Talking to Cornerstone on Monday (a few hours after the G screen, lol). Tinder has better perks and probably more interesting problems, but the commute is a lot better for Cornerstone. Any chance they'd be able to match/beat comp? Interviewing for Principal Engineer (one level above senior, same as Tinder's Staff), but based on initial discussion with recruiter it seems like they usually don't bring people in at that level. The usual line about "fast promotions". Also did tech-screen and short take-home challenge with TuneIn (LC easy + a bit of OOP design and LC medium respectively), but haven't heard back in over a week. Numbers their recruiter was giving me were (optimistically) 190-200 TC for Senior, 240+ for Staff, but they seemed to have super high expectations for Staff, and they're not publicly traded so like 20% of it is paper money. Apart from Cornerstone, my big question is how fast I can realistically push Google to do on-site and then HC review + team matching assuming I pass the phone screen (and on-site). Tinder is ok with me starting late (I gave them a timeline of mid-October to make a decision when we started talking) but want an answer sooner rather than later (no firm deadline yet) and it's hard to say if "we have a strong pipeline and want to respond to our other candidates soon" is a bluff. Thoughts?


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  • LinkedIn / Eng SurveyMkey
    Offer details or GTFO 🤬👉

    I don't see the point of why people ask these questions before they actually have offer in their hand!
    Aug 23, 2018 1
    • Beautycounter NotStaff
      Would this be more appropriate in Career? I'm trying to get more info on the places I'm talking to to see where I should best spend my time (besides the obv leetcode for Google).
      Aug 23, 2018
  • Beautycounter NotStaff
    Update (tl:dr version, read after "Edit" in OP for longer version): Offer from Tinder (160/300 & 15 signing) 235 TC for Senior Backend, Google phone screen on Monday, Cornerstone on-site on Monday. How much can I push Google to move faster assuming I pass phone screen/on-site? Tinder wants a faster response than mid-October (which I warned them about ahead of time) and I don't know if they're bluffing, so I want to speed the Google timeline up.
    Sep 13, 2018 1
    • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
      Yeah, Google will certain hustle for you. You seem to be the kind of go-getting problem-solver that they desperately need.
      Sep 20, 2018
  • Qualcomm look4jobs
    What skillset ?
    Aug 23, 2018 1
    • Beautycounter NotStaff
      Back-end mostly - API + broader systems architecture, though not much experience scaling above 6-figure userbase traffic (trickier than you'd hope when there's no bandwidth to do things the "right" way). I enjoy the architecture a lot; have taken over a lot of the duties there at my current role and want to go somewhere with harder problems.
      Aug 23, 2018
  • Cornerstone n33nj
    Any updates? Where did you end up?
    Aug 11, 2019 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    you just get nothing in your hands
    Aug 23, 2018 0


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