PM Interview Prep Plan: How I got PM offers from Google, Expedia, Microsoft, and Facebook

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Jul 30, 2018 119 Comments

Five months ago I got fedup with the crap culture at Amazon (needs a separate post) and decided to start working on my game plan for interviews at tech companies. Now, I have three offers from the tech companies - Expedia is travel not in the same league I know. No trolls please.

Profile: CS Engineer and Ivy MBA
TC 240K (Luckily with stock appreciation. Original grant was just 115K over four years)

Expedia: 220 TC all cash - M5
Google: 380 TC (MV) - L5
Microsoft: 250 TC (Fucking lowball) - 64
Facebook: They asked me to come back for one more rounds of product sense and execution. I refused - no gas left in the tank.

My goal was to land a PM role at Google. This post is about how I prepared.
At Google PM interviews, you may have some coding or algorithmic questions, but likely not a lot and possibly none. My friends who recently interviewed got system design Qs and basic data structures like what data structures for implementing load balancer etc. Since, I have CS engg I prepared extra hard to feel super confident going into tech interviews.

1) Week 1: Basic technical prep:
Wanted to get my technical basics refreshed on programming to make sure I can answer questions on recursion, encapsulation, pointers, object oriented programming etc. Read: Let Us C++, a basic undergrad book used in India - free PDF copies circulating online. Took extensive notes on each topic for easy refresher.

2) Week 2: Data Structures deep-dive
Learnt four things: 1.Insertion, 2.Deletion, 3.Search, 4.Sort for these data structures and their time complexities: Queues, Linked list, Stack, Hash Table, Array etc. I watched this YouTube channel and read this

3) Week 3/4: System Design
There are two types of system design Qs
1) Design problems related to real life websites. These problems apply scalability theory, load-balancing, redundancy etc. For example Design Facebook, Design bitly, Design Quora, Design Uber etc.
2)Design Elevator system, design valet parking, design restaurant system etc.

Read about Pub-Sub architecture, Producer Consumer architecture and what AWS services can be used to build them.
This is gold mine to learn about system design.
Practice these problems after you have learned the concepts.
Master scalability concepts such as these

My interview Q was design an architecture for video sharing website. It is similar to Netflix that I practiced.

Week 5: Machine Learning concepts
I prepared for it because it is a hot topic. I was lucky that I did because one of my technical interview Q was - If you have records of all tennis matches in the history how will you build a ranking algorithm. I was able to leverage this knowledge.

I took Week 6 just to recompile everything I read so far.
Product Design:
Week 7-9
Read 1) Decode and Conquer and another book from Lewis C Lin's website on Google PM interview - this book is good.
Practice with people I used this Slack channel to find partners
I found a friend who was also interviewing with Facebook/Google and instead of interviewing each other we collaborated and solved every product sense question that existed on Glassdoor for FB and Google. This gave us two advantages we were using two smart people's brain to solve problems and learn from each other. Irony to say he got FB offer but not Google and I got Google but not FB.

Product Strategy: Just read some blogs online and revised my Strategy frameworks from Bschool class 3Cs, 4Ps, Porter etc. The Lewis Lin book helped me provide structure to some of these questions.
Week 10: Behavioral
All standard Amazon Behavioral STAR. Having that internal Qbank (perks of Amazon) helped me. Atleast prepare 1)a failure story 2)diagreement story with manager or team member 3)disagreement with Dev team 4)short time prioritization framework 5)not meeting deadline 6)what makes a team successful 7)what are your design principles. I was able to handle all of my behavioral questions from these 7 stories.
Week 11: Estimation
I was really good at this but I still ended up spending this week focusing on it. My friend had this book Interview Math by Lewis Lin it helped me give structure to my thought process.
Week 12: Revise everything

Week 14-16 I did all of my interviews

This is no way an ideal plan but what I did to prepare. By sharing this I wanted to help fellow Blinders.


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  • Atlassian YfEJ12
    Wish we had more of this on Blind. Kudos!
    Jul 30, 2018 1
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Bro you the real MVP
    Jul 30, 2018 0
  • New / Product

    New Product

    Smash that Private Message button
    Congrats on the offer. You totally deserve it. Did FB interviews have technical questions because of your CS background? What did you mess up? These details will be very valuable as well imo.
    And if you think it'll be worth the time to type it out, I'd be eager to read about the issues you faced at Amazon. Keep up the good spirit!
    Jul 30, 2018 8
    • New uPqF72
      How much of all this prep actually came in handy? Did the interviews actually consist of such questions other than system design questions ? I am very impressed with your prep but is this the bar for TPMs nowadays? I am soon going to be interviewing for a TPM role at amazon and don’t even know 15% of what you listed above. Are my chances super low?
      Aug 17, 2019
    • AT&T / Eng GOFb61
      What are these product sense questions you talk about ?
      Sep 3, 2019
  • Cisco NQpC38
    Do you have a pdf of Decode and Conquer which you can share? Thanks in advance.
    Nov 14, 2018 2
    • Amazon / Product God-father
      Dude, that is violation of copyright and illegal. You are looking to get a 250k+ job and can't buy a $10 Kindle book?
      Nov 14, 2018
    • Cisco NQpC38
      Sorry. Yes you are right. Let me buy this.
      Nov 18, 2018
  • Intel / Product 1moremonth
    Thanks for the informative post. Hats off ! Was this much technical preparation required for a PM role? Did you have technical rounds ?
    Jul 30, 2018 3
    • Intel / Product 1moremonth
      Thank you ! Any tips on how to create stories that can be drilled down. Like a 1 min version, 5 min version, 10 min version - so that you can go in details as needed; especially for behavioral rounds. Thanks
      Jul 30, 2018
    • Amazon / Product God-father
      Prepare a 3 min version and create hooks that you know an interviewer will ask questions on. Leave those hooks unanswered in 3 min version.
      Jul 30, 2018
  • Microsoft / Eng RLeL37
    Thanks a lot for this post. Really helps in providing a direction on what to do. Can you also provide feedback on your interviews?

    You're awesome 🙂
    Jul 30, 2018 2
    • Amazon / Product God-father
      What are you looking for specifically?
      Jul 30, 2018
    • Microsoft / Eng RLeL37
      You've covered preparation so I'd be curious to know how you felt your interviews went.

      Did you feel they were tougher or did you feel you were ready and were able to get through with ease?

      How many rounds were there?

      And while you covered on how devs can prep for such a role, I'd like to learn more about being a PM, roles and responsibilities, goals etc. I get high level stuff like customer obsession, business impact and product vision but it doesn't really help me nail down how different it is from my job.
      Aug 1, 2018
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    500 Startups
    Cool guy with love for maths and ml
    As a sde who wants to shift to a PM role, what would be your advise?
    Jul 30, 2018 2
  • Microsoft / Eng thebiglife
    Holy moly.. dude - this is awesome.. thanks for sharing such a wealth of info. Work is super busy and i was struggling to get ready for a Google interview. I have a phone call with recruiter this week. I don't think I can buy 12 weeks before the initial phone screen, but will try to cram through the materials you have suggested (I'm in Azure Networking). Thanks again PS- on H1B too
    Jul 30, 2018 7
    • Microsoft / Eng thebiglife
      I'm a PM in Azure Networking. I create Networking products un addition to managing the vision for certain first party platforms (big names)
      Aug 16, 2018
    • HPE / IT

      HPE IT

      The Human Intersect. Agent Charles Charmicle at your service 😎
      Biglife...did you get the job?

      God Father Op which role did you end up taking?
      Nov 11, 2019
  • Amazon / Product God-father
    1) Is this a troll? I said 8 yoe. Amazon does not have part time
    2)Internal referral and recruiter reached out
    3)What would you design for a customer stuck in traffic? Design a vending machine for the hotel, Monetize Maps, Fav product, what will you design next for FB, P2P payments - what will you build, improve Expedia Checkout etc...
    Jul 30, 2018 1
    • Thanks. No. Not a troll. I understand you mentioned 8 yrs in software but some companies do let lead engineers work with PMs in making critical decisions which would help to transition into PM. Hence asked you.
      Jul 30, 2018
  • Amazon / Product God-father
    H1B here. So small companies are out of scope. Easiest was Expedia. Google was toughest. Facebook is not sure what they want - trying to be both Google and Amazon leading to fucked up process. MS was fairly technical - one of the interviewer thought I was interviewing for TPM.
    Jul 30, 2018 0


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