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Currently data analyst in Bay Area. 4 YOE. Very interested in PM role. Current skill set:
Little python/R
Power BI

Current role has moved beyond traditional data analyst role, pivoted more towards creating slide decks for clients to provide revenue generated actionable insights of data I pulled and visualize. Working with developers to release products in order to best communicate with all clients in B2B.

Lots of times will be given data dump and asked to run with it and find value to client. Once metrics they would like to consistently see are established is when I usually start working with developers.

Don’t have my MBA, so feel I am at a disadvantage. What other tools can I add to my resume in order to inc my chances of landing a PM role.

Don’t want to get my MBA or attend Product School


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  • ANCILE Solutions, Inc. eNBa60
    Talk to your PMs and their directors. If your PMs at your company won’t give you projects to assist with to give you experience, identify a customer problem and design a solution (app/website) that addresses it on your own time or co-found with someone who has a great idea. There’s a bunch of books on Amazon and online resources like LinkedIn to get you started.
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