Prescription drug buying - GoodRx + HSA

Jun 27, 2019 7 Comments

At last, the moment has arrived i ll be buying my first prescription for my family after living 7 years in US.

Looks like GoodRx, a Santa Monica company provides good discount on prescription drugs if the pharmacy accepts it. Lets say I find a pharmacy which accepts it, will i be able to claim the cost of drug purchase via my HSA account online/HSA debit card (can I directly pay with the HSA debit card)?

Tc - 212

Insurance not gonna kick in before the 3k deductible, so hoping all will be covered by apple hsa. Doctor visit was $152 and couple of ointment with GoodRx is ~$100


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TOP 7 Comments
  • GoodRx / Mktg Titan3Ship
    Yup, you can use your HSA for your Rx at the pharmacy. Just make sure the pharmacy knows you’re using goodrx and not insurance, then use hsa like normal.
    Jun 28, 2019 0
  • UnitedHealthcare I’m money
    Idk bro I just work here
    Jul 24, 2019 0
  • Airbnb New999hire
    Why would you use goodrx over insurance?
    Jun 28, 2019 3
    • GoodRx BobAxelrod
      We can be cheaper than your insurance copay or deductible. It really depends and you should check prices for whatever script you have.
      Jun 28, 2019
    • OP
      Insurance will not pay copy , only after 3k deductible it will pay 90%.
      Jun 28, 2019
  • AMD


    Intel Corporation
    Any RX can be paid for with HSA funds.
    Jun 27, 2019 0


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