Price to renovate houses in the Bay Area.

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I'm thinking of renovating our house (adding 1 master bedroom and 0.5 bath for guest to use). I also plan to make minor adjustments to our guest quarter. The total expansion is about 450 square feet. Do you guys happen to know the price per square foot for this kind of project?



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  • Barracuda watwatwhht
    Typically around $200 per square ft. Plus design and approval cost. I had to back out after I found out build vs upgrade.
    Jan 14 7
    • Google Rotimatic
      My contractor is relatively cheap but does good quality work. Message me if you want his contact info.
      Jan 14
    • Walmart QTFP86
      OP I think cost is cheap to upgrade and in costly Bay Area it give good returns. Find some more cheaper contractor but make sure he is licensed. Also always keep higher buffer on top of what he quotes, usually cost goes north of what they quotes.
      Jan 14
  • Apple / R&D somadnomad
    Anywhere between 300-500K.
    Jan 14 2
    • Pinterest dilu.
      You mean from 300 to 500$ per square foot?
      Jan 14
    • Apple / R&D somadnomad
      Oops yeah. If you have an older home, you may have to even fix some parts of the existing structure (e.g., rewire the whole electrical and bring them up to code, fix a sagging foundation...) before the expansion. The builders might recommend stuff like that to do things right. Also don’t forget your materials cost.
      Jan 15
  • Salesforce desc432
    You have to get permits, and that's going to take a lot of effort and money especially if you are doing something structural.
    Jan 14 1
    • Pinterest dilu.
      Yes. We are looking into it. Do you know the price per square foot?
      Jan 14
  • Yahoo FFnl47
    Where in bay
    Jan 14 0


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