Questions for our dear friends at the We company.

Sep 13, 2019 9 Comments

What can you tell us about what you're working on?

How about ongoing engineering initiatives?

How are you feeling about this IPO?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • WeWork VAJc71
    From an engineering perspective they are working on shoring up all the different applications into a more unified platform. A lot of their applications are internal and disjointed. My organization is working on space tools that will help Enterprises book space more fluidly across all WeWorks. However I work for one of the acquired companies - the real technology that WeWork owns lmao
    Sep 13, 2019 2
    • WeWork WeBroke
      Right. Haven’t seen any real tech that wework has acquired. Just a bunch of startups that can’t sustain on their own.
      Sep 14, 2019
    • Meetup svk837
      Meetup was profitable (and had been for many years) before Wework bought it and applied its “crushing it” philosophy by nearly doubling the headcount in order to “think big”. Been losing money ever since.
      Sep 30, 2019
  • Chase


    Neuberger Berman
    From a third party perspective it looks like the investor is giving a cow a C-section before it’s ready because they’re getting too impatient for their piece of veal.
    Sep 13, 2019 4
    • Compass LInR08
      Their massive debt (which is growing lockstep with revenue) is what’s fucking them. It’s a dead business model. Softbank is allowing them to extend their life but they’re “dead man walking”.
      Sep 13, 2019
    • Adobe mercury10
      Lol I guess. They had a big hiring binge, kinda wondering what they're even doing.
      Sep 13, 2019
  • WeWork glWr57
    Due to internal politics, the tech unit is 5 years behind the current scene. If that is fixed, there is enough tech in the company for everyone to work on.
    Sep 15, 2019 0


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