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I have 15 yoe in data analytics and BI space. Worked in product dev, consulting and sales roles. Have an Exec MBA from a top tiered biz school graduated in 2018. Currently at a boutique consulting firm and don’t see a carrer path forward, so looking for a change. Will need sponsorship!

TC 425K

Looking for referrals #google #facebook #uber !



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  • Axtria Hb59z
    How was it going back to school after so many years? Did it help?
    Jan 19 3
    • Axtria Hb59z
      Was it tough to manage along with a full time job? Was the investment worth the return and the hassle?

      Coming back to your original post, my fb recruiter was nice and super responsive. If you are not able to get a referral, you can dm me and try pinging him on LinkedIn. I think he recruiters in a similar space or at least should be able to put you in touch with the right person.
      Jan 19
    • OP
      Yes, does take away alot of leisure time. Was definitely stressful with job, family and school but I don’t regret it.
      Jan 20


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