Referral for Data Science at Spotify

Honey movemove
Jul 12, 2019 10 Comments

hey all,

I'm looking for a referral for a data scientist position in Spotify's NYC office. I've got relevant experience (4-5 years) and working through GATech's OMSA program currently.

Would love to learn more about Spotify's data sci org more in general, as well. Currently interviewing with Uber, DoorDash, FB, and wework.

If anyone has referrals to other good tech companies in NYC, would also be very interested. (Airbnb, Google, etc)

Thanks very much in advance!


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TOP 10 Comments
  • DoorDash DashPass
    Are you interviewing at DoorDash NYC office?
    Jul 12, 2019 1
  • Neurocrine LC is life
    How did you get interviews from those companies - referrals?
    Jul 12, 2019 5
    • Honey movemove
      hm not sure. Don't have a PhD, doing my masters in analytics part time at GAtech. I think it's worth mentioning that I'm applying for product / BI / ops / advisory data sci positions, not ML engineering or research positions. Pretty big distinction between the 2 fields even tho they both fall under "data science".

      I think what I have is just relevant experience and maybe some fancy fellowships on the resume to get attention. But my undergrad isn't even comp sci or math. Could be that company I work at rn is a target since some recruiters reached out but it's a fairly small/medium size company; I haven't worked at FAANG in the past.

      Feel free to DM me if you want to chat more or a copy of my resume.
      Jul 12, 2019
    • Neurocrine LC is life
      PMed you
      Jul 12, 2019
  • WeWork / Eng vMuB14
    Would love to hear how your interview process comparison in those companies
    Jul 14, 2019 0
  • Chegg snt124
    Hi Op - I dm’d you. Can’t refer to Spotify, but had some questions about honey.
    Jul 13, 2019 0


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