Reliable source for Physician salaries

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Is there a reliable source for doctor salaries like levels .fyi for software engineers? Medscape says avg specialist income is $341k, but that's like how much i make and I'm 25, so i dont believe it


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  • Seagate toti420
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    • Uber xa29jn
      Actually on another thread someone was saying how they made 500k and other ppl were like "do you consider that a lot"
    • Expedia Group 564atms
      Not even a subtle one.....
  • Johnson & Johnson xLHI17
    If you go to a garbage part of the country like north Dakota or something you can easily get paid over $1m for a specialty. Generally salaries are lower in more desirable areas.
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    • Quest Diagnostics AMwn84
      I’ll vouch for it. This is true.
    • Kaiser Permanente Tztp15
      Supply and demand. Its unfortunate that some of the highly desirable places to live like SF NYC dont necessarily offer proportionally equivalent salaries to some of the remote areas on terms of take home pay after cost of living
  • New HXwF46
    I worked with the comp team in Healthcare in the early 10's. The only real salary surveys that matter are those that are private and that compensation teams purchase for a specific area. They are very expensive, and to purchase them you have to agree to submit your salary data as well. This is how they come up with "market based" rates.

    To answer you specifically, the pay for an MD varies by specialty and location far too much to generalize. Location plays a very large part in the differences in pay as well. If you are averaging all MD including general practice, then that number actually sounds accurate. Those are the bulk of the doctors in practice and they have pay that is substantially lower then your figure.
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  • On Lok 1bunny
    There is not. How did you become an MD by 25?
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  • Siemens Healthineers jln3018
    Doctors salaries vary considerably. I’ve worked with physicians at a number of hospitals in the US, salaries ranging from $250K - $500K. Depends on the speciality, the hospital/healthcare system itself, university/teaching hospital, private sector....
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  • Johnson & Johnson bboredd
    Weird flex.

    Cool story. Pat yourself on your back.
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