Resigning tomorrow: Feeling happy

Feb 13 247 Comments

Hi fellow Blinders !

Tomorrow, I will be putting my 2 week notice. I have a better opportunity lined up with 25% increase in TC and better wlb.

Normally I would feel guilty but I don’t ! Here is why:

1. I have worked hard and I have worked smart; somehow I did not see appreciation or career growth.
2. I was always told that you are leveled correctly and need to have more YOE for promotion when I saw my juniors getting promoted faster.
3. I just could not justify my situation to my family, my wife has been very supportive of me throughout my 8+ months of active job search.

After seeing all this in rearview mirror, I am ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Thank you Blind for being supportive.

Remember that everyone deserves a better TC/life, not just your boss !!

Current TC : 105k , Senior Engineer
New TC. : 130k, Principal Engineer

location : Minnesota


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  • Flagged by the community.

    • Amazon / Eng pipMeister
      You're gonna flag my comment compared with some of the others in this thread? (Calling me a prick, stupid, etc) If blind follows through on that it proves what an echo chamber this platform is.
      Feb 14
    • Bloomberg bbbp
      What's your yoe? 260k seems low for Amazon
      Feb 14
  • Intel beauB
    You forgot to post your TC.
    Feb 13 1
    • Amazon / Data le_diablo
      Yeah. Let's keep our priorities straight here.
      Feb 14
  • Facebook dXKp72
    Thought all engs get 500k comp
    Feb 14 5
    • Launchdarkly / Eng 🚀⚫
      Not in Minnesota. That's a great wage for an area with a low cost if living.
      Feb 14
    • Facebook allurdata
      Thiß is why we get bad rep. Get your money work hard and stop belittling people.
  • Facebook QbIr21
    Congrats, reminds me of my favorite quote that I read time to time to keep me motivated

    “ If you know your worth then go get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that.

    — Rocky Balboa,
    Feb 14 5
    • Expedia Group hehah
      Apologies for the silly question. What's the name of the movie?
      Feb 16
    • Facebook QbIr21
      Can’t tell if you’re trolling :)
      Feb 16
  • GoodRx blumei
    130 is poverty line
    Feb 15 6
    • Microsoft jjpf13
      Still, reading this post isn’t worth my time... +25% comp bump from <basically homeless> to <actually homeless adjusted for inflation> LOLZ
      Feb 15
    • Visa Kp99
      I could never imagine living in Minnesota. But that's what's great about this country, there's a spot for everyone.
      Feb 15
  • Microsoft BeautyX
    OP is happy and worked hard for everything. Well deserved. We don’t have to call it low or high. We don’t have to compare it to anything. Just the fact that he os happy and he is hardworking is nice to hear. I like to believe its a wonderful world out there. Lets just celebrate someone’s achievement and result.

    Congratulations my friend OP. You will shine bright and high as long as you believe and willing to work for it.
    Feb 14 1
    • VSP Vision Care awol
      Feb 14
  • Seagate toti420
    Congrats! I think you should post your current TC and the new company with the new TC. Also your level/BG would be good info. This is really to help the community. Best of luck.
    Feb 13 2
  • Amazon str84ward
    OP, one thing I’ve done when I left past employers was to write down my initial impressions of the new job and then after I’d been there 9-12 months to validate my instincts. It helped make sure I made better decisions over time. I also liked to think about my mistakes, what I’ve learned, and how I’d do things differently with the impending fresh start.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    A word of caution from someone who also had been a Principal Engineer: it’s a bit lonely at the top (especially if at a startup or small company) and it’s harder to learn since there are often fewer more senior than you.
    Feb 14 0
  • New knljt
    "Normal I would feel guilty" people still don't understand that there is no feeling when it comes to business
    Feb 14 3
    • HashiCorp Karla2018
      Very good point! Also I interviewed at Varian a couple years ago and was do you like it there?
      Feb 15
    • Facebook Jjxe78
      What's felling ?
      Feb 16
  • Cisco funnay
    Feb 13 2
    • Capital One capitalsix
      What is the point of this response?
      Feb 14
    • Wayfair hkafkaw
      Might Be fixing NAT issur
      Feb 14


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