SRE Interview @LinkedIn

Jan 16 9 Comments

Hello Blind,

I have an upcoming interview with LinkedIn for Site Reliability Engineer role. I have been out of practice with coding in general as well as leetcode. How high is the bar on Coding?

Any insider tips to be successful at cracking the interview?

I have a bit of a time crunch so if anyone can help me prioritize prep point or point me to helpful resources, that would be super helpful :)

Thanks again!

Leave any comments that can be helpful :)


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  • SoundCloud kjKc01
    Somebody shared this guide for LinkedIn SRE interviewing:
    Jan 17 1
    • Cruise Automation / Eng baby_yoda
      Thanks a bunch for sharing that! Appreciate it
      Jan 17
  • LinkedIn ineer
    There is less focus on leetcode. But the coding and system design questions are mostly medium difficult. There was a github link that curated mostly asked questions. Look it up
    Jan 16 2
    • Cruise Automation / Eng baby_yoda
      So I have two phone screens before the on-site. Do they ask system design questions in TPS?

      When you say less focus on leetcode, does that mean they don’t stress on heavy algorithms and data structures?
      Jan 17
    • LinkedIn ineer
      Right. More focused on practical coding than Algos. some basic tree based parsing question. Another was log management. System design is only onsite. How many depends on which level your loop is set for. They do ask some question around Unix intervals in TPS.
      Jan 17
  • IPsoft /bin/env
    lookup log(apache) analysis with python..I had that once at an interview with google
    Jan 16 0
  • Juniper chatbott
    The questions are tough! Practice well on both algo and data manipulation/parsing/file io etc
    Jan 16 0
  • NetApp MuBu58
    Hey, I have one coming up. Have dm'ed you
    6d 0
  • IPsoft /bin/env won't find much info here since most of the guys here are SWE. But I'd expect leetcode easy to medium..linux, networking as far as I know.
    Jan 16 0


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