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I am quite excited to join Google next as an SRE. I am in the phase of SRE team matching and wonder what I should consider when choosing a team. Here are some factors in my mind, your input is greatly appreciated:

Product: preferably some mainstream products widely used like GCP, GSuite, Ads etc.

WLB: this is very important to me. But I don't know how to gauge wlb of a team, maybe a team size of >= 5 means less oncall rotation shifts? don't get me wrong, I am still more than willing to be on call, I just don't want it to occupy all my time

Growth: I am in L4 with 5 yoe now, wondering how an SRE with 10 or 15 yoe is different from a junior SRE. How does picking a team play a role in my career path? And Is it possible to be back to software design/architect role maybe 5 or 10 years down the road?

Location: Bay area + Kirkland, Seattle; so PT timezone

Any other factors to consider?

#teammatching #sre
TC: 80k (outside USA), yoe 5.


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  • Twitter g3rm
    Are you hired through H1B?
    Jan 23 3
    • Twitter g3rm
      It is just a question which might help other ppl to get in the US
      Jan 23
    • OP
      Please start a new post and I'll contribute what I can.
      Jan 23


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