Sad :( LinkedIn SWE onsite was cancelled by recruiter

Jan 13 15 Comments

Due to extraordinary circumstances, my LinkedIn onsite supposedly this Jan 2020 was cancelled by the recruiter. It is a long story I can ping you in person

I didnt get the generic rejection system email though so I am not sure if grace period applies. I did extremely well on the phone screen though, and I am u

Still hoping if I may be given another chance to interview for a different SWE or SRE or other tech role at LinkedIn if there are still openings. Either US or China openings. Not sure if I qualify for Senior roles

Let me know if you can refer me or openings. Total 2 yoe at Amazon.


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  • Amazon eatMyNut
    Why did they cancel
    Jan 13 7
    • LinkedIn Psssyduck
      Damn I am sorry for your loss and missing this opportunity. I know this is tough.
      But OP there are so many great companies around and a lot of them are actually better than LinkedIn. Cheer up and grasp those chances. You can never say any loss is a bad thing. Best wishes!
      Jan 14
    • NVIDIA nblr
      Jan 15
  • Uber +123456
    I feel bad for you, I really do, but I think their policy isn’t all that bad. I’ve seen the “high maintenance” policy unofficially in effect with forum administration, rental agencies, etc. Honestly I’ve been places in the past where I wish they had instituted this hiring practice. Some people always have *something* getting in the way. You might be a special case, but 9/10 times it’s an a candidate that will always have non work obligations they let get in the way.

    Now, as I say this I realize my own on-site was scheduled at least twice, might have been 3 times. In my case it was all on the recruiter. I had something I needed to be home for, I established it up front, and they kept doing time zones wrong and the interview or flight conflicted. I objected to the schedules as soon as I got them, but it was still a hassle.
    Jan 23 0
  • StreamSets ibLM27
    I heard from a LinkedIn recruiter they allow reschedule only twice. When candidate request 3rd time, it's over.
    Jan 22 4
    • Amazon togobox
      I know but it’s not I had any intention of getting into an accident on the day of the onsite, lot of trouble for everyone. How long would grace period be in case recruiter doesn’t budge? I’m not expecting an exception or miracle but I’d thought it’s worth a shot to ask
      Jan 22
    • StreamSets ibLM27
      I'm not a recruiter. I'm a candidate who just finished onsite. I will ask this question if I'm rejected.
      Jan 22
  • Amazon togobox
    Keep me posted
    Jan 23 0


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