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Sep 26, 2017 1 Comment

I had my startup failing 9 months ago after 2 years of successes and failures & I’ve been working as a project manager at a consulting firm until I get my life back together. Now I’m ready to join another startup. I was the CEO/ none technical cofounder before & did everything from sales to product management, etc other than engineering and graphic design & those are the things I enjoy the most.

What kind of jobs are the best suitable for me to apply to? What should be my salary expectations? I’m mostly talking about LA, SF and austin markets.


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  • Credit Karma / Product redman7
    Depending on how well you can sell a story around your experience as CEO, it sounds like PM would be a good fit. Some places look for more technical backgrounds but plenty others don't. What they all have in common for PM is the ability to set product roadmap, align team, and build the right thing for the right market. These should be familiar activities to you as a startup founder :)
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