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Is it commom practice for your Sales Manager to ask you to resign ? I would think this is a in volation of company policy and is an HR issue. Please give me any feedback.


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  • Need more context. Why exactly is he asking you to resign?
    Jan 10 2
    • Yelp XQfI33
      He’s personal opinion “ I’m not a good fit for the role but doesn’t have any any performance KPI’s to back his opinion.
      Jan 10
    • Intel Esq.
      He wants to fire you but can't. asking you to resign makes it easy and saves the company from lawsuit/severance. don't do it. But obv start job hunting yesterday ...
      Clearly there is more to the story, but no that is not common.
      Jan 10
  • SAP RrWs73
    If you don’t meet your sales target it’s expected
    Jan 10 1
    • Yelp XQfI33
      It’s not quota related.
      Jan 10
  • B. Coast
    "whaaa whaaaa whaaaa i don't like my report, mommy help me, i want to fire him, but can't me me me whaaa"

    that is your manager, tell him to stfu, document everything and cc your lawyer in your 1:1 emails.
    Jan 10 0


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