Senior SWE - Etsy NYC vs. Affirm SF

New QzsU27
Nov 6, 2018 7 Comments

Here's what I've gathered:

Company: Affirm > Etsy
Affirm wins as a rocket ship startup in the world's tech capital.

Learning potential: Affirm > Etsy
Affirm seems to attract more ambitious and tech-centered people.

WLB: Etsy > Affirm
Etsy just seems like a more chill company in general, with better hours. More time to [have fun in NYC, start a company, Leetcode for FANG interviews, etc.]

Location: Etsy > Affirm
As a single male who spent his whole life in (and got bored of) the Bay Area, NYC beats SF by a landslide.

TC: About 210k for both, depending on how you value Affirm's options (preferred - $5 strike). Etsy is liquid, but Affirm has "jackpot" potential.

"Prestige": Not sure. Affirm probably looks better on a resume for SF jobs, and Etsy for NYC jobs. I don't have any fancy schools/companies on my resume yet, so this is kinda important.



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Salesforce gudetama
    +1 Affirm, Etsy after it's acquisition by Tiger is not so great and most the core eng top staff that built out it's engineering reputation left or were forced out :/
    Nov 20, 2018 1
    • Etsy / Mgmt XVfM02
      What acquisition?
      Nov 20, 2018
  • Etsy / Mgmt XVfM02
    Never heard of Affirm, not sure it'd help your SF future opportunities except by location, and Etsy has a SF office too.
    Nov 7, 2018 1
    • Salesforce gudetama
      Etsy SF (at least when I used to work in NY and visited) was tiny and didn't really do anything important
      Nov 20, 2018
  • Affirm / Eng Cablecars
    WLB is what you make of it, also what team you are on! Affirm also does have a NYC location, but they are tiny and as of now a lil more siloed, so I wouldnt go.
    Nov 6, 2018 1
    • Affirm 998979695
      The NYC location is supposed to be growing and expanding to more teams next year so moving later could be an option? Agree on the WLB comments, if you set boundaries you can definitely have a healthy WLB...expectations are VERY different based on team though, PM me if you want details
      Nov 7, 2018
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    • New QzsU27
      3 YOE, PM'd
      Nov 6, 2018


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